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Market Rate Tuition

In 2011 the Florida Board of Governors began considering program proposals for Market Tuition Rate. Market Tuition Rate is in Florida Statute and Board Regulation 7.001(15) and is only considered for graduate-level courses offered online or through continuing education. The full list of programs approved are listed below.

  1. List of approved programs
  2. Memorandum on Tuition Delegation

Pilot study review

The Board of Governors Budget & Finance Committee tasked Board staff with conducting a review of the Market Tuition Rate program at the end of its pilot term. This review was conducted in the spring of 2016 and covered all programs approved up to 2014. Data on each program was collected by Board staff and sent to the universities for their review. A survey instrument was administered that enabled the universities to express opinions and report results. The data template, survey instrument, the university data, survey submissions, and the executive summary are posted below.

Data template

Survey template

University data and responses

UniversityPilot study review 

Program data and survey
Data by ProgramSurvey submission

Executive Summary of Pilot Study for June Board Meeting