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Board Operating Procedures

Operating Procedures

The Board of Governors Operating Procedures can be downloaded here.

Appearances Before the Board

The Board of Governors is committed to promoting transparency and public input regarding the governance of the State University System. The board sets aside time during full board meetings for members of the public who wish to be heard regarding an issue on the agenda. Speakers must complete a public comment form specifying the matter on which they wish to speak. These forms will be available at the staff table at each full board meeting (not committee meetings) and must be returned to the staff table prior to the start of the meeting. For full board meetings held via phone or Zoom, public comment forms can be obtained from the Corporate Secretary and must be submitted prior to the date of the meeting. The corporate secretary can be contacted by email at [email protected] or by calling 850-245-0466.

A group or faction wishing to address the Board on a proposition will designate a representative to speak on its behalf to ensure the orderly presentation of information to the Board. Individuals and representatives of groups will be allotted three minutes; however, this time limit may be extended or shortened (at the discretion of the Chair) depending upon the number of speakers.

The board will hear public comment only regarding issues on the agenda.