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Program Coordination & Approval

Academic Program Planning and Coordination

Each university must set up formal processes to identify new programs it plans to explore over the period covered by its strategic plan and work plan. A rolling three-year list of programs under consideration is annually provided to the Board Office as part of the university’s annual work plan.

Board of Governors’ Regulation 8.004 includes a provision for Board staff to work with the Council of Academic Vice Presidents to review existing degree programs and proposed programs, facilitate coordination of program offerings across the SUS, and avoid unnecessary duplication.

New Degree Program Approval

Board of Governors’ Regulation 8.011 establishes criteria for new degree approval that address the overarching goals of the State University System relative to program quality, operational efficiency, accountability, degree production, and research. The regulation also establishes a broad policy addressing the process by which programs are approved for implementation at the university and system level, and requires each university to adopt program approval policies that are aligned with the Regulation.

Authority to implement new programs is a collaborative two-step process that devolves primary responsibility for academic and readiness review to the university board of trustees for all degree program levels. Authorization of bachelor’s, master’s, and specialist degrees is the responsibility of the university board of trustees. Authorization of doctorates is the responsibility of the Board of Governors.

Board of Governors’ staff conducts compliance reviews for proposals for bachelor’s, master’s, and specialist degree programs for alignment with state-level requirements before adding the new program to the official State University System Academic Degree Program Inventory. Board staff also provides technical assistance to university academic staff to ensure that baccalaureate programs meet the requirements for hours-to-degree, common prerequisites, general education, and articulation requirements, as appropriate. A resource page has been developed to assist with the development of new program proposals. New degree proposals must be completed using the new program proposal template available from the university Provost’s office.

Academic Program Termination and Other Program Activity

Board of Governors’ Regulation 8.012 establishes the criteria and process for degree program termination. Academic degree program termination follows the same approval process as new degree programs. Temporary suspension of new enrollments in an academic degree program falls under the purview of the university, with notification to the Board office.

Academic degree program termination follows the same process as new degree program approval. Board of Governors Regulation 8.012 establishes the criteria and process for degree program termination. Temporary suspension of enrollments in a degree program is completely under the purview of the university, with notification to the Board office.

Other state-level approval activity for baccalaureate degree programs includes Limited Access Status in accordance with Board of Governors Regulation 8.013 and Exception to 120 Credit Hours to Degree in accordance with Regulation 8.014.