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Programs of Strategic Emphasis

Targeting academic programs for strategic emphasis is one of several tools used to better align the degree production goals of the State University System with the economic and workforce needs of Florida. Periodically the Board of Governors’ office conducts an environmental scan to identify labor market demand for university graduates. A number of economic and workforce related reports are reviewed and trends are identified and categorized to create a new list of academic programs for strategic emphasis. This process identifies existing business, economic, and occupational areas with high demand for postsecondary graduates. The process also provides an opportunity to identify emerging and evolving business sectors and occupations.

The Board of Governors is now at its third iteration of this exercise, with each yielding categories of programs for the State University System of Florida upon which to strategically focus resources. Although there is considerable overlap in actual programs from one iteration to another, the titles of the categories have changed to reflect alignment with the state’s economic and workforce needs. The first version was developed in 2005 as a Targeted Program List for the State University System of Florida’s Strategic Plan 2005-2013, and the second one in 2008 (titled Areas of Programmatic Strategic Emphasis) was part of the Board of Governors’ Strategic Plan for the State University System of Florida: 2012-2025. The third and most recent version was created in 2013 as part of the Strategic Plan Alignment effort. The title was simplified to Programs of Strategic Emphasis.

Periodic update of the programs of strategic emphasis is critical because the categories and associated program lists are used in key Board planning documents, including the annual Accountability Reports, University Work Plans, Academic Program Coordination, and New Academic Program Approval. They will also become a helpful component of Performance-based Funding.

The current Areas of Programmatic Strategic Emphasis list became effective in 2008 and is set to expire at the end of the summer 2014 term. The new Programs of Strategic Emphasis (PSE) list was approved in November 2013 and becomes effective starting with the 2014-2015 Academic Year.

This webpage intends to provide historical as well as up-to-date information on degree programs associated with the categories of strategic emphasis that were selected by the Board of Governors to better align the degree production goals of the State University System with the economic and workforce needs of Florida.

Current Programs of Strategic Emphasis (PSE) (effective fall 2014):

Previous Areas of Programmatic Strategic Emphasis (expires at the end of summer 2014)

Changes in the Categories of Strategic Emphasis

CURRENT (list approved in 2013, effective fall 2014 term)PREVIOUS (list approved in 2008, expired at the end of summer 2014 term)
1.Critical Workforce – Education1.Critical Needs – Education
2.Critical Workforce – Health2.Critical Needs – Health Professions
3.Critical Workforce – Gap Analysis3.Economic Development – Regional Workforce Demand
4.Economic Development – Global Competitiveness4.Economic Development – Globalization
5.Economic Development – STEM5.Science, Technology Engineering, and Math (STEM)
6.Critical Needs – Security and Emergency Services