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Student Affairs Committee / Governor’s Access and Diversity Commission

Academic and Student Affairs

Wednesday, March 22, 2006, between 1:30 and 4:00 PM


  • Sheila McDevitt
  • Ann Duncan
  • FIRST Goldberg
  • J. Stanley Marshall
  • Frank Martin
  • Ava Parker
  • FIRST Pelaez
  • John Winn


Regulation Development Procedure for the Board of Governors

General Counsel Vikki Shirley

Legislative Update and Discussion

Committee/Commission, BOG Staff

First Generation Matching Grant Program
High School Graduates of Undocumented Aliens

Presentation of Data from Progression Studies

Dr. Dottie Minear

ENLACE Florida: A Statewide Network to Improve College Readiness, Access, and Success in Higher Education for Latinos

Dr. Ralph Wilcox and Colleagues

Selected Student Support and Retention Efforts

Dr. Larry Abele and Colleagues


Committee/Commission; Access and Diversity Team Representatives

  • Coordinating Access and Diversity Programs to Ensure Optimal Use By Students and Positive Impact on Outcomes
  • Discussion of Recommendations for Final Report to the Governor
  • Topics and Schedule for Future Meetings


Ms. McDevitt