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Board of Governors – Regular Meeting

Thursday, June 20, 2013, between 1:00 and 3:00 PM


  • Dean Colson
  • Mori Hosseini
  • All Board Members


American Council of Trustees and Alumni with The James Madison Institute Report, “Florida Rising: An Assessment of Public Universities in the Sunshine State”

Dr. Michael Poliakoff, Vice President of Policy, ACTA

Strategic Planning Committee Report

Governor Patricia Frost

Facilities Committee Report

Governor H. Wayne Huizenga, Jr.

Debt Approvals
Resolution of the Board of Governors Authorizing the Issuance by Seminole Boosters, Inc. of Debt to Finance the Construction of a Student Housing Facility and Related Improvements near the Main Campus of the Florida State University
Resolution of the Board of Governors Authorizing the Issuance by the University of South Florida Financing Corporation of Debt to Reimburse a Portion of the Costs Associated with Financing the Improvement and Renovation of the Existing Arena and Convocation Center located on the Main Campus, USF

Budget and Finance Committee Report

Governor Tom Kuntz

Approve Public Notice of Intent to Amend Regulation 18.002, Notice and Protest Procedures for Protests Related to a University’s Contract Procurement Process

Trustee Nominating and Development Committee Report

Governor Mori Hosseini

Academic and Student Affairs Committee Report

Governor Norm Tripp

Exception to 120 Credit Hours to Degree, B.S. in Photonic Science and Engineering, CIP 14.1003, University of Central Florida

Concluding Remarks and Adjournment

Chair Colson

Meeting Packet