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Coming Soon January 2022: MyFloridaFuture

MyFloridaFuture will be a free, online college and career planning tool that provides students, parents, and policymakers with a wealth of information to make better-informed decisions about educational options and future employment opportunities.

The new interactive tool will allow users to explore data at the System level and by individual institution, including information on salary, graduate employment, student debt, and additional educational opportunities.

Salary information will be available for degrees offered by the State University System at one year, five years, and ten years after graduation, allowing students to explore median wages for graduates in each field before selecting a major. Visitors to the site will be able to investigate changes in earnings over these three periods of time for any program under consideration. 

Stakeholders will also be able to examine the percentage of graduates found employed for each program over time.

Additionally, the tool will include key statistics about student debt:

  • median student loan debt
  • debt-to-income ratios
  • estimated monthly loan payments as a percentage of income for each program

Another exciting feature of MyFloridaFuture will be the ability to examine the percentage of graduates who pursued additional education after completing a bachelor’s degree, including what type of additional credential was earned and how that impacted wages.

January 2022, be sure to explore our new online tool by visiting: myfloridafuture