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Telework Policy

*Policy found on IOPP 2_4_1 2023_08 Attendance

Telework is a work arrangement that allows employees to conduct all or some of his or her work away from the official worksite during all or a portion of the employee’s established work hours on a regular basis. The agency endorses an in-office default for employee operations. Telework is a privilege and may be granted on a permanent or temporary basis (slow return from maternity leave, inability to drive, office moves, contagious but still able to perform work duties). The employee, if the position is eligible for telework, may perform their normal established duties and responsibilities through the use of computers or telecommunications at sites other than the employee’s official worksite on a regular basis. This policy is to establish the Board of Governors Telework Program pursuant to Section 110.171 F.S.

Generally, 110.171 provides that “an agency may establish telework as an integral part of the normal business operations of the agency and require that specific work be performed through telework arrangements.” Moreover, an agency shall provide telework as an optional alternative work arrangement to support employee needs and implement telework arrangements. See §110.171(2), Fla. Stat.

Florida Statute § 110.171(3) provides that each agency shall review all established positions and designate those positions that the agency deems appropriate for telework. It is within the discretion of the agency to approve an employee “to use telework as an optional alternative. . .”. Signed and current telework agreements required for proper authorization to work remotely. See 110.171(5).

Telework Agreement

The agreement for telework can be found on the FLBOG Service Desk Application. If a position is eligible for telework it should be stated as an option in the position description.

For employees in telework eligible positions, “agencies that adopt a Telework Program will need to establish a process for identifying employees who, if occupying telework eligible positions, will be permitted or required to participate.” Department of Managements Services Division of State Human Resource Management Policy Guidelines, p. 4. Teleworking is to be handled on a case-by-case basis between the employee and their supervisor, and ultimately approved by the Chancellor. The following factors will be considered in determining telework eligibility for employees:

  1. Demonstrated ability to work independently;
  2. Comfort Level with the required Technology;
  3. Past performance levels;
  4. Ability to successfully and effectively communicate with others;
  5. Dependability and trustworthiness;
  6. Need for the employee to engage in social interaction;
  7. Level of Self-motivation;
  8. The duration of the telework agreement;
  9. Any prior disciplinary issues;
  10. Whether a telework agreement is in the best interest of the agency.

In the event an employee has been approved for telework on a permanent or temporary basis, the employee will sign a telework agreement that states the terms and conditions which includes but is not limited to the following: work hours, location, workers’ compensation, termination, maintenance, liability. The Board Office can terminate any employee’s telework arrangement and require the employee to return to the official worksite immediately if the employee violates this policy, Information Security Policy, other Board Office policy and procedures, or is in the best interest of the Board Office. Florida law prohibits teleworking employees from conducting face-to-face state business at their homes. Any violation of this provision will result in immediate termination of program participation, return to the official worksite, and corrective action.

Employees participating in telework are subject to the same rules regarding attendance, leave, performance evaluations, separation actions, and other procedures as non­participating employees. Participating employees must maintain a satisfactory performance rating on their annual performance evaluations. Unsatisfactory productivity on performance ratings will be considered an adverse impact to the Board Office and may be grounds for termination of the telework arrangement. Participating employees are covered by workers’ compensation when performing official work duties at an alternative worksite.


All employees are responsible for being aware of the classifications of data or information within their work area. All employees are responsible for complying with Board Office procedures for handling exempt and confidential information prior to accessing this information. Only Board Office-owned or Board Office-managed computing or storage devices may be used to store confidential data. Any physical confidential information at an alternative worksite must be used and stored in accordance with established information security policies and procedures. All sensitive information must only be saved on the Board Office’s secure network drives.

Property- Board Office Responsibility

Equipment necessary to perform job duties at an alternative worksite may be provided by the Board Office for the participating employee, depending on the business need. The Board Office will provide a computer, monitor(s), keyboard, mouse, and appropriate cords. Any other equipment needs will go to the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration for consideration and/ or purchase. The employee will be responsible for setting up the equipment in their alternative worksite.

Property – Employee Responsibility

Employees will be responsible for having adequate internet connectivity to perform their job. The employee will provide their own telephone (unless authorized in IOPP 3.15 or as determined necessary by the Executive Staff) for communications with other Board Staff, universities or other third parties. The employee will provide their own home workstation (desk, chair, etc.). Exceptions to this may be made on a case by case basis if approved by the Executive Staff.

Property Assignments

The Property Assignment form and instructions for asset checkout can be found on the FLBOG Service Desk Application. Use of Board Office equipment will be listed on a property form and signed by the employee after the Telework Agreement is approved. The employee is fully responsible for all state property in their possession. If property is lost or damaged, it will be replaced one time by the Board Office, if more than one time the employee will be responsible for reimbursing the Board Office to replace the property. The employee will be responsible for returning all equipment assigned to them upon resignation, termination from the Board Office, or termination of the telework agreement.

Office Supplies

Office supplies (i.e. paper, pens, etc.) will be provided and can be picked up from the Board Office. If the employee is unable to come to the Board Office, then other arrangements will be made.