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Strategic Planning/ Educational Policy Committee

Strategic Planning Committee

Thursday, January 26, 2006, between 8:30 and 10:00 AM


  • John Dasburg
  • Rene Albors
  • FIRST Desai
  • J. Stanley Marshall
  • Bill McCollum
  • Gerri Moll
  • Lynn Pappas
  • Peter Rummell
  • John Temple
  • Zachariah Zachariah


What Are the Impediments to Reaching Degree Goals in the BOG Strategic Plan and How Should Those Impediments Be Addressed?

Dr. Terry Hickey, Chair, Council of Academic Vice Presidents

Targeted Program: Nursing

  • Need, Demand, and NET Gain Initiative in BOG Legislative Budget Request – Mr. Richard Stevens, Director, Academic and Student Affairs
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice – Mr. Stevens

Targeted Program: Engineering

Mr. Bill McCollum

Identification of Programs to Use in Developing and Testing an Appropriate Methodology for Cost per Degree

Dr. Nancy McKee, Vice Chancellor for Education Policy and Research

Concluding Remarks and Adjournment

Mr. Dasburg