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Learning Assessment Outcomes: Subcommittee of the Performance and Accountability Committee

Wednesday, April 21, 2004, between 1:00 and 4:00 PM


  • Castell V. Bryant
  • FIRST Horne
  • Carolyn K. Roberts
  • Howard Rock
  • Steven J. Uhlfelder


Goals of the Workshop

  • Identify what BOG wants to ensure is being learned and assessed on SUS campuses
  • Identify best practices
  • Consider a standardized tool that will ensure and communicate that those areas are being taught and measured on each campus and in each discipline
  • Test that potential accountability tool against K-20 Accountability Guiding Principles
  • Verify Florida’s plan of action against national perspective

Postsecondary Learning Assessment: a National Perspective

Dr. Paul E. Lingenfelter, Executive Director, State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO)

What Do We Want to Ensure is Being Learned and Assessed in the SUS?

  • Content mastery
  • Communication skills
  • Critical thinking skills

How are Disciplines Assessing What We Want Assessed?

Wider Views: Oral Communication—FAMU School of Business and Industry

Conrod Kelly, fourth year professional program student from Miami, FL; Mary Jordan, second year professional program student, Milwaukee, WI; Tayson Gaines, third year professional program student, W. Palm Beach, FL

A Still Wider View: University-wide learning assessment at UCF

Julia Pet-Armocost, Assistant VP, Information, Planning, and Assessment

Potential Tool the BOG Can Put in Place to Ensure Learning Assessment in the Areas of Its Interest: “SUS Academic Learning Compact (ALC)”

Advantages, monitoring, communication of, and timeframe of ALC