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Full Board

Wednesday, May 10, 2023, between 9:30 and 10:00 AM


  • Brian Lamb
  • Eric Silagy
  • Timothy M. Cerio
  • Manny Diaz, Jr.
  • Aubrey Edge
  • Patricia Frost
  • Nimna Gabadage
  • Edward Haddock
  • Ken Jones
  • Darlene Luccio Jordan
  • Alan Levine
  • Charles H. Lydecker
  • Craig Mateer
  • Deanna Michael
  • Jose Oliva
  • Steven M. Scott


Call to Order

Chair Brian Lamb

Consent Agenda Items for Approval

Chair Lamb

Academic and Student Affairs Committee Report
Public Notice of Approval of Amendment to Board of Governors Regulation 8.002, Self-supporting and Market Tuition Rate Program and Course Offerings
Budget and Finance Committee Report
Nomination and Governance Committee Report
Appointments of University Trustees
  • Agenda Itempdf [220.50 KB]Agenda Item for Trustee Appointments

Concluding Remarks and Adjournment

Chair Lamb