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Florida Board of Governors Chair Names Chancellor Search Committee

TALLAHASSEE – Today, Board of Governors Chair Brian Lamb announced the members of the chancellor search committee.  The chancellor serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the State University System of Florida, the second-largest university system in the country, which includes Florida’s twelve public universities and serves over 430,000 students, with revenues of $14.3 billion.

Current chancellor Marshall M. Criser III announced yesterday that he would not seek a renewal of his contract, which expires on December 31, 2022.  Criser, well respected in the business and higher education communities, has served as chancellor since 2014 and will continue to serve throughout the transition.  Some significant accomplishments during his tenure as chancellor include

  • leading the System to a #1 ranking in higher education in the nation for the past five years;
  • developing and gaining statutory implementation of a performance funding model that has resulted in a $265 million annual increase in system base revenue;
  • increasing state appropriations for operations by $1.258 billion (29% increase);
  • developing and leading a process to identify System synergies with a cost savings of $794.6 million;
  • increasing four-year graduation rate to 59.3% (a 17% point increase), and increasing System student retention to 87.2% ( a 3.9% point increase);
  • aligning degree production to target workforce demand and Florida’s future economic goals by increasing Programs of Strategic emphasis from 46.6% to 58.8% (a 12.2% increase) of degrees produced; 
  • increasing research expenditures by $358M, representing a $7B economic impact;
  • prioritizing affordability, which has led to Florida having the 2nd lowest tuition in the country for public 4-year institutions, with no tuition increases since 2013; and
  • implementing as an interactive tool for university freshmen and advisors to evaluate degree pathways to employment outcomes.

Search committee members represent a wide range of perspectives and backgrounds on the Board of Governors.  The members named to the chancellor search committee are:

Brian Lamb, committee chair

Eric Silagy

Pat Frost

Tim Cerio

Charlie Lydecker

Each search committee member has agreed to make the commitment of time and dedication needed to identify the next chancellor of the State University System of Florida.

The first meeting of the committee is on July 12, 2022.

“Marshall Criser is a leader among leaders, and we are exceedingly grateful for his dedication to the betterment of our university community and ultimately to our students,” said Brian Lamb, chair of the Board of Governors. “This committee will perform a thorough search and ultimately recommend a highly qualified candidate to the Board of Governors that will build upon the great work of Chancellor Criser and cement our status as the #1 state in the nation for higher education.”


Facts about the State University System of Florida and the Board of Governors

The State University System of Florida is a constitutional body led by the 17-member Board of Governors.  The System has 12 universities and more than 430,000 students, making it the second-largest public university system in the nation.  Responsibilities include defining the distinctive mission of each institution and managing the System’s coordination and operation.  The Board appoints a Chancellor who serves as the System’s chief executive.  For more, visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.