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Board of Governors’ Meeting Highlights

ST.PETERSBURG— Today, the Board of Governors of the State University System of Florida confirmed the appointments of Dr. Patricia Okker as the president of New College of Florida and Dr.Richard McCullough as the president of Florida State University. 

Dr. Patricia Okker most recently served as the dean of the College of Arts and Science at the University of Missouri since 2017.  At the University of Missouri, she oversaw 450 full-time faculty, 135 staff, and 6,500 students across 26 departments and schools with an annual operating budget of $120 million. In her role as dean, she raised the College’s graduation and retention rates by implementing a data-driven strategic plan for student success and increased the diversity of the faculty.

Dr. Richard McCullough most recently served as the vice provost for research at Harvard University since 2012.  At Harvard, he oversaw the development, review, and implementation of strategies, planning, and executing academic research across the university.  Additionally, he led an office of Foundation and Corporate Engagement and assisted in overseeing more than 25 interdisciplinary institutes, centers, and initiatives across the university. 

“The State University System is incredibly fortunate to have such extremely talented new presidents in Dr. Okker and Dr. McCullough,” said Syd Kitson, chair of the Board of Governors, which oversees the State University System of Florida. “I look forward to working with you as you build upon the foundation set by the dedicated presidents before you.”

 Other meeting highlights include:

  • The Board confirmed the reappointment of Dr. Randy K. Avent as the president of Florida Polytechnic University.
  • The Board confirmed the reappointment of Dr. Mark Rosenberg as the president of Florida International University. 
  • The Board heard an update on the Civil Discourse Initiative.
  • The Board approved eight programs of strategic emphasis in science, technology, engineering, or math for which a student may be eligible to receive a new tuition and fee waiver per House Bill 1261 from the 2021 legislative session, pending signature from the Governor. 
  • The Board approved the 2021 university accountability plans.
  • The Board approved the Articulation Coordinating Committee’s recommended Credit-by-Exam Equivalencies
  • The Board approved the Public Notice of Intent to Amend the following Board of Governors Regulations:
  • 8.006, Civic Literacy
  • 6.0105, Student Conduct and Discipline
  • 7.003 Fees, Fines, and Penalties
  • 7.008 Waiver and Exemption of Tuition & Fees; and
  • 9.006 University Personnel Definitions and Compensation
  • The Board approved the Public Notice of Intent to Adopt Board of Governors Regulation 6.022 Intercollegiate Athletes.
  • The Board approved the 2021-22 University Capital Improvement Fee Trust Fund project allocations.
  • The Board approved the Office of Inspector General and Director of Compliance 2021-2022 Work Plan.
  • The Board approved the Performance-based funding allocations.
  • The Board approved the 2020 Annual Report for Online Education.
  • The Board approved the following university boards of trustees:
  • William Bowers – the University of West Florida
  • Sherry Murphy – Florida Atlantic University
  • John Gol – the University of North Florida

For more information, consult the meeting’s official minutes at The Board’s next meeting is August 31-September 1, 2021, at Florida International University in Miami.


Facts about the State University System of Florida and the Board of Governors

The State University System of Florida is a constitutional body led by the 17-member Board of Governors. The System has 12 universities and more than 420,000 students, making it the second-largest public university system in the nation. Responsibilities include defining the distinctive mission of each institution and managing the System’s coordination and operation. The Board appoints a Chancellor who serves as the System’s chief executive. For more, visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.