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Facilities Committee

Facilities Committee

Thursday, July 22, 2004, between 9:00 and 10:00 AM


  • Ava Parker
  • Castell V. Bryant
  • Rolland V. Heiser
  • Sheila McDevitt
  • Peter Rummell
  • John Temple
  • Zachariah Zachariah


Call to Order

Ms. Ava Parker

Chair’s Comments

Ms. Parker

Follow-up: Design/ Construction Phase Project Funding

Mr. Bob Henker

  • Issuepdf [15.11 KB]

Follow-up: Classroom Utilization

Dr Nancy McKee, Mr. Henker, Dr. Chuck Frazier, Vice Provost, UF

Update on the Activities of the State Board of Education Advisory Council on Educational Facilities

Mr. Raymond Monteleone

Concluding Remarks and Adjournment

Ms. Parker