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Board of Governors – Regular Meeting

Tuesday, May 11, 2021, between 3:05 and 3:45 PM


  • Sydney Kitson
  • Brian Lamb
  • All Board Members


Call to Order

Chair Syd Kitson

Florida State University

Governor Eric Silagy

New College of Florida

Governor Alan Levine

Consent Agenda Items for Approval

Chair Kitson

Facilities Committee Report
University of Florida $250M Debt Authorization for a New Undergraduate Residential Housing Complex
Academic and Student Affairs Committee Report
Public Notice of Intent to Adopt Board of Governors Regulation 6.022 Intercollegiate Athletes
Termination Request for Master of Science in Data Science New College of Florida, CIP 30.3001
Termination Request for the Ph.D. in Health Services Research, CIP 51.0701, by University of Florida
Nomination and Governance Committee Report