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Top Education System in the Nation Expands Admission Exam Options With Classic Learning Test

TALLAHASSEE, FL (September 8, 2023) Today at the Board of Governors’ Meeting, the State University System of Florida voted to accept the Classic Learning Test (CLT) as a path to admission. Launched in 2015, the CLT is accepted by over 200 colleges across the U.S. The system is pleased to add the CLT to reach a wider variety of students from different educational backgrounds. Not intimidated by controversy or critics, our focus is on the success of our students, and the State of Florida.

Because we reject the status quo, today’s decision means we are better serving students by giving them an opportunity to showcase their academic potential and paving the path to higher education. As this assessment focuses on critical thinking skills, Florida will lead the way in filling our state and nation with bright and competitive students.

The State University System of Florida is the largest university system in the country that still requires an entrance exam as part of our admissions process. Our nationally ranked #1 system is never content to rest on our laurels, and we are always seeking ways to improve. In addition to the SAT and ACT, the Florida Legislature approved and added the Classic Learning Test (CLT) as a path to the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program, a lottery-funded scholarship to reward Florida high school graduates for high academic achievement. 

The CLT assessment opens doors to Florida colleges and state universities. The CLT places a strong emphasis on classical education, which includes a focus on reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. It is designed to align with a classical liberal arts curriculum, which some educators and institutions believe provides a more well-rounded and meaningful education.

This accepted testing option for admissions expands and engages more students. Ultimately, the choice of which exam to take should be based on an individual’s academic strengths, goals, and the admission requirements of their colleges of interest. The CLT admissions test is yet another path for Florida students aspiring to attain a degree and contribute to our economy.


About the State University System of Florida and the Board of Governors:

The State University System of Florida is a constitutional body led by the 17-member Board of Governors.  The System has 12 universities and more than 430,000 students, making it the second-largest public university system in the nation.  Responsibilities include defining the distinctive mission of each institution and managing the System’s coordination and operation.  The Board appoints a Chancellor who serves as the System’s chief executive.  For more information, visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.