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Items to Watch for the Upcoming September 8th Board of Governors’ Meeting

Facilities Committee: The Board will consider approval of the 2024-2025 State University System Fixed Capital Outlay Legislative Budget Request, including the Preliminary Selection Group of 35 Public Education Capital Outlay (PECO) projects, as well as two authorizations to Issue Debt by the University of South Florida for an on-campus stadium and the University of North Florida for an honors college student residence hall.

Strategic Planning Committee: The Board will consider approval of the university proposals for receiving Linking Industry to Nursing Education (LINE) funds. 

Academic and Student Affairs Committee:  The Board will consider approving a request to public notice of an intent to adopt Board of Governors Regulation 8.015, Workforce Education Partnership Program, designed to assist students who enroll at state universities and are employed by a private employer participating in the program. 

Budget and Finance Committee: The Board will consider approval of the 2023 New College of Florida Student Success Plan, and the 2024-2025 operating Legislative Budget Request for the State University System.

Full Board: The Board will receive an update on presidential search committees. Vote on the consent agenda items.

*The following items have been moved from the consent agenda to the full Board meeting for discussion:

  • Authorization to Issue Debt by USF Financing Corporation for an on-campus stadium
  • Public Notice of Intent to Amend Board of Governors Regulation 10.003, Post-Tenure Review
  • Public Notice of Approval of Amendment to Board of Governors Regulation 6.008, Postsecondary-College-Level-Preparatory Testing, Placement, and Instruction for State Universities
  • New College of Florida Student Success Plan


The Board of Governors’ meeting will be held on Zoom with committee meetings and full Board meeting scheduled to begin on September 8, 2023, at 2:00 p.m. Meeting times are subject to change.

The full agenda is available at Updates are also available on Facebook and Twitter.