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Bachelor’s Degrees Awarded



-0.8% change from previous year

Bachelor’s degrees awarded is defined as the number of 4-year degrees received by students. While enrollments are down1% in the last five years, bachelor’s degrees awarded have increased 9% — a reflection of increased graduation rates and productivity across the system.

Bachelor’s Degrees Awarded

The Board tracks the number of bachelor’s degrees awarded not only because of the impact earning a degree can have on students and their families, but to the economic health and well-being for the state as a whole.  The State University System is the largest producer of bachelor’s degrees in Florida, and has played an integral role in growing the state’s economy and business-friendly environment.  The Board’s goal of 78,500 degrees awarded by 2025 recognizes the system’s critical role in supplying the Florida’s talent pipeline with highly-skilled and educated workers.  

This metric is included in the Board’s Accountability Plan and 2025 Strategic Plan. 

Source: State University Database System (SUDS).