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Cost of Degree after Financial Aid



-13.5% change from previous year

This metric refers to the average amount students pay to earn a bachelor’s degree (tuition, fees and textbooks) after financial aid is applied. While nearly all states have seen tuition and fees increase dramatically, Florida state university system tuition has stayed the same. Tuition and fees for Florida residents attending 4-year public institutions was $6,370 in 2022-23, the lowest in the nation.

Cost of Degree after Financial Aid

A high-quality university education remains accessible and affordable for Floridians.  This metric reframes the narrative around affordability from sticker price (the cost without financial aid) to net price (includes the financial aid invested each year by institutions and state and federal governments) as well as aid programs like the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship and Federal Pell Grants and excludes loans.

The estimated average cost of degree per student includes tuition, fees and textbooks, but not room and board or other expenses. For this reason, some institutions show a negative amount.

This metric is also included in the Board’s Performance-Based Funding Model (PBF#3), Accountability Plan and 2025 Strategic Plan.    

Note: This metric reflects the average cost of earning a bachelor’s degree for Florida resident undergraduates only and excludes federal emergency grants (ex. funds from federal CARES Act). Source: State University Database System (SUDS).