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Annual Student Debt



-8.86% change from previous year

Nationwide, reports that detail rising tuition and students taking on excessive levels of debt have made students and their families question the value of a college degree. In Florida, however, due to increases in financial aid and tuition that hasn’t changed since 2014-15, annual student debt in the System has declined 27% in the last five years.

Annual Student Debt

Student debt is one of the metrics U.S. News and World Report uses to rank the best states for higher education, which Florida has placed #1 each year since 2017.  According to U.S. News, Florida students attending 4-year institutions had the 2nd lowest amount of debt in the nation.  In addition to declining loan amounts, fewer students in Florida’s public universities are relying on loans to pay for college as well. The percent of resident undergraduates without taking a loan in the System has gone from 60% in 2016-17 to 75% in 2020-21.

Note: This metric includes loans received by Florida resident undergraduates while attending Statue University System of Florida institutions. Source: State University Database System (SUDS).