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Active Regulations

Chapter 7

Tuition and Fees

BOG 7.001
Tuition and Associated Fees Download 93.95 KB
BOG 7.002
Tuition and Fee Assessment, Collection, Accounting and Remittance Download 59.17 KB
BOG 7.003
Fees, Fines and Penalties Download 120.82 KB
BOG 7.004
Reserved Download 16.75 KB
BOG 7.005
Residency for Tuition Purposes Download 62.57 KB
BOG 7.006
Limitation on Non-Resident Student Enrollment Download 38.31 KB
BOG 7.007
Latin American and Caribbean Scholarship Eligibility Download 57.52 KB
BOG 7.008
Waiver and Exemptions of Tuition and Fees Download 246.37 KB