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Nastassia Janvier

Nastassia Janvier, originally born in Port-Au-Prince Haiti, graduated as a first-generation student from Florida State University and is now a Masters in Public Administration candidate who dedicates her time to public service and governmental affairs. As an aspiring lawyer, she uses her time to learn and study the law to better the lives of those around her through institutional and extra-institutional means. Through various experiences, Ms. Janvier continues to mobilize young people and encourages them to be civically engaged. In Florida, she has extensive work with lobbying and representing students from all walks of life. She employs her research training to develop policies for a variety of groups. As a former intern with the university’s Title IX department, she raised awareness of sexual violence and rape culture on college campuses. She is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Previously, Ms. Janvier has served as chapter President of the NAACP, executive board member for the Tallahassee League of Women Voters, and she currently serves as Student Body President and Trustee for the Florida State University Board of Trustees and now the chairwomen of the Florida Student Association, FSA. As FSA chair, she represents over 400,000 students in the Florida Public University System. She has worked with the Tallahassee City Council and with State Legislature on several local and state issues. Ms. Janvier continually seeks opportunities to encourage millennials to participate in civic affairs. She was a fellow with Young People 4 (YP4) and the NAACP’s NextGen Program. The latter sponsors the development and implementation of strategic plans to address pressing community issues. She plans to further her work in public service by obtaining her J.D. following the completion of her Masters.