Description of Data Element 01109

NAME:         Country of Instruction                                            

NUMBER:       01109                                                             

FILES/TABLES: IAF                                                               


   The U.S. Department of Commerce Code (FIPS PUB 10-4) for Country             
   (Nation Code) in which the instruction is delivered.                         

   DIAGNOSTIC MESSAGE                                     ERROR LEVEL           
   CODED ZZ AND 01417 NOT EQ A                            CRITICAL              
        IAF  <                                                                  
   CODED ZZ OVER 10% TOLERANCE                            CRITICAL              
        IAF  <                                                                  
   MISSING OR INVALID                                     CRITICAL              
        IAF  <                                                                  
   CODED ZZ (UNKNOWN)                                     TOLERANCE             
        IAF  <                                                                  

CODING INSTRUCTIONS:                                                            
   Country code in which the instruction is delivered.                          
   If Instructional Delivery Indicator is 'A' (Asynchronous)                    
   then enter a code of 'ZZ'. Otherwise, enter the country code                 
   where the majority of synchronous instruction occurs.                        

TABLE VALUES:                                                                   
                  The valid Nation Codes are:                                   
   AF             Afghanistan                                                   
   AL             Albania                                                       
   AG             Algeria                                                       
   AQ             American Samoa                                                
                       U.S. Territory.                                          
   AN             Andorra                                                       
   AO             Angola                                                        
   AV             Anguilla                                                      
                       British dependent territory.                             
   AY             Antarctica                                                    
   AC             Antigua and Barbuda                                           
                       Became independent November 1, 1981.                     
                       Includes Redonda.                                        
   AR             Argentina                                                     
   AM             Armenia                                                       
   AA             Aruba                                                         
                       Part of the Netherlands realm.                           
   AT             Ashmore and Cartier islands                                   
                       Australian territory.                                    
   AS             Australia                                                     
                       Includes MacQuarie Island.                               
   AU             Austria                                                       
   AJ             Azerbaijan                                                    
   BF             Bahamas, The                                                  
                       Excludes Turks and Caicos islands (TK) which is          
                       a British colony.                                        
   BA             Bahrain                                                       
   FQ             Baker Island                                                  
                       U.S. territory.                                          
   BG             Bangladesh                                                    
   BB             Barbados                                                      
   BS             Bassas Da India                                               
                       French possession.                                       
   BO             Belarus                                                       
   BE             Belgium                                                       
   BH             Belize                                                        
                       Became independent on September 21, 1981.                
   BN             Benin                                                         
   BD             Bermuda                                                       
                       British colony.                                          
   BT             Bhutan                                                        
   BL             Bolivia                                                       
   BK             Bosnia and Herzegovina                                        
   BC             Botswana                                                      
   BV             Bouvet Island                                                 
                       Norwegian territory.                                     
   BR             Brazil                                                        
                       Includes Atol Das Rocas, Arquipelago De Fernando         
                       De Noronha, Ilha Da Trindade, Ilhas Martin Vaz,          
                       and Penedos De Sao Pedro E Sao Paulo.                    
   IO             British Indian Ocean Territory                                
                       British dependency comprised of the Chagos               
   VI             British Virgin Islands                                        
                       British colony.  Includes Anegada, Jost Van Dyke,        
                       Tortola, Virgin Gorda.                                   
   BX             Brunei                                                        
                       Became independent January 1, 1984.                      
   BU             Bulgaria                                                      
   UV             Burkina Faso                                                  
   BM             Burma                                                         
   BY             Burundi                                                       
   CB             Cambodia                                                      
                       Formally known as Khmer Republic and Kampuchea.          
   CM             Cameroon                                                      
   CA             Canada                                                        
   CV             Cape Verde                                                    
   CJ             Cayman Islands                                                
                       British dependency:  includes Grand Cayman,              
                       Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman.                          
   CT             Central African Republic                                      
   CD             Chad                                                          
   CI             Chile                                                         
                       Includes Isla De Pascua (Easter Island),                 
   CH             China                                                         
                       See also Taiwan.                                         
   KT             Christmas Island                                              
                       Australian dependency in the Indian Ocean.               
   IP             Clipperton Island                                             
                       French possession.                                       
   CK             Cocos (Keeling) Islands                                       
                       Australian dependency.                                   
   CO             Colombia                                                      
                       Includes Archipelago De San Andres Y Providencia,        
                       Isla De Malpelo, Roncador Cay, Serrana Bank and          
                       Serranilla Bank.                                         
   CN             Comoros                                                       
                       Includes Anjouan, Grande Comore, Moheli and other        
                       smaller islands.  Excludes Mayotte (MF).                 
   CF             Congo (Republic of the)                                       
   CG             Congo (Democratic Republic of the)                            
                       Formally known as Zaire.                                 
   CW             Cook Islands                                                  
                       New Zealand associated state. Under provisions of        
                       a "Treaty of friendship and delimitation of the          
                       maritime boundary between the United States of           
                       America and the Cook Islands" signed on June 11,         
                       1980, the  United States formally relinquishes its       
                       claim to the following atolls:  Pukapuka (Danger),       
                       Manihiki, Penrhyn and Rakahanga.  The treaty             
                       was ratified by the U.S. Senate in June, 1983.           
   CR             Coral Sea Islands                                             
                       Australian external territory.                           
   CS             Costa Rica                                                    
                       Includes Isla Del Coco.                                  
   IV             Cote D'Ivoire                                                 
   HR             Croatia                                                       
   CU             Cuba                                                          
   CY             Cyprus                                                        
   EZ             Czech Republic                                                
   DA             Denmark                                                       
                       Code Da Pertains only to metropolitan Denmark,           
                       thereby excluding the Faroe islands (FO) and             
                       Greenland (GL), which are overseas administrative        
                       divisions of Denmark.                                    
   DJ             Djibouti                                                      
   DO             Dominica                                                      
                       Became independent on November 3, 1978.                  
   DR             Dominican Republic                                            
   TT             East Timor                                                    
   EC             Ecuador                                                       
                       Includes Archipielago De Colon(Galapagos islands).       
   EG             Egypt                                                         
   ES             El Salvador                                                   
   EK             Equatorial Guinea                                             
                       Comprises Rio Muni and the islands of Bioko              
                       (FernandoPo),Annobon,Corisco,and Islas De Elobey.        
   ER             Eritrea                                                       
   EN             Estonia                                                       
   ET             Ethiopia                                                      
   EU             Europa Island                                                 
                       French possession.                                       
   FK             Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)                             
                       British dependency claimed by Argentina.                 
                       Includes West Falkland and East Falkland islands.        
   FO             Faroe Islands                                                 
                       Overseas administrative division of Denmark (DA).        
   FM             Federated States of Micronesia                                
                       A compact of free association was signed by the          
                       United States and the Federated States of                
                       Micronesia which entered into full force and             
                       effect November 3, 1986.  Comprised of the former        
                       Kosrae, Yap, Ponape, and Chuuk districts of the          
                       Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (PS).             
   FJ             Fiji                                                          
                       Includes Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, and Rotuma               
   FI             Finland                                                       
   FR             France                                                        
                       FR pertains only to metropolitan France, thereby         
                       excluding French Guiana(FG), French Polynesia(FP),       
                       French Southern and Antarctic Lands(FS),                 
                       Antarctic Lands(FS)Guadeloupe(GP), Martinique(MB),       
                       New Caledonia(NC), Reunion(RE), Saint Pierre and         
                       Miquelon(SB), Wallis and Futuna(WF), all of which        
                       are overseas adminstrative divisions of France.          
   FG             French Guiana                                                 
                       Overseas department of France.                           
   FP             French Polynesia                                              
                       Overseas territory of France (FR).  Includes the         
                       Society Islands, Iles Tuamotu, Iles Marquises, and       
                       Isles Tubuai.  Excludes Clipperton Island (IP).          
   FS             French Southern and Antarctic Lands                           
                       Overseas territory of France(FR). Includes Ile Am-       
                       sterdam, Ile Saint-Paul, Iles Kerguelen, and Iles        
                       Crozet.  Terre Adelie (French-claimed sector of          
                       Antarctica) is not included in this entity but           
                       rather,  see Antarctica (AY).  The U.S. does not         
                       recognize sovereignty in Antarctica, therefore           
                       Terre Adelie is excluded from this entity.               
   GB             Gabon                                                         
   GA             Gambia, The                                                   
   GZ             Gaza Strip                                                    
                       Part of former Palestine Mandate.  Includes              
                       city of Gaza and Environs.  Bounded by the               
                       Mediterranean, Egypt, and Israel.                        
   GG             Georgia                                                       
   GM             Germany                                                       
                       Comprises the Federal Republic of Germany, the           
                       former German Democratic Republic, and Berlin.           
   GH             Ghana                                                         
   GI             Gibraltar                                                     
                       British colony.                                          
   GO             Glorioso Islands                                              
                       French possession.                                       
   GR             Greece                                                        
   GL             Greenland                                                     
                       Overseas administrative division of Denmark (DA).        
   GJ             Grenada                                                       
                       Includes the Southern Grenadines.                        
   GP             Guadeloupe                                                    
                       Overseas department of France(FR). Includes Grande       
                       -Terre, Basse-Terre, Iles Des Saintes, Iles De La        
                       Petite Terre, La Desirade, Ile Saint-Barthelemy,         
                       Marie-Galante, and Northern Saint-Martin.                
   GQ             Guam                                                          
                       U.S. Territory.                                          
   GT             Guatemala                                                     
   GK             Guernsey                                                      
                       British crown dependency.                                
   GV             Guinea                                                        
   PU             Guinea-Bissau                                                 
   GY             Guyana                                                        
   HA             Haiti                                                         
   HM             Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands                             
                       Australian external territory.                           
   HO             Honduras                                                      
   HK             Hong Kong                                                     
                       British colony.                                          
   HQ             Howland Island                                                
                       U.S. territory.                                          
   HU             Hungary                                                       
   IC             Iceland                                                       
   IN             India                                                         
                       Includes the Amindivi, Cannanore, Andaman, and           
                       Nicobar Islands, Minicoy Island, Daman, Diu,             
                       Goa, and Sikkim.                                         
   ID             Indonesia                                                     
                       Includes Irian Jaya (West New Guinea) and                
                       the former Portuguese Overseas Province of               
                       Portuguese Timor with its exclave of Oe-Cusse.           
   IR             Iran                                                          
   IZ             Iraq                                                          
   EI             Ireland                                                       
                       Excludes Northern Ireland.                               
   IS             Israel                                                        
                       Includes area within the armistice lines of 1949         
                       and 1950, and the Israel-Jordan and the                  
                       Israel-Syria demilitarized zones.                        
   IT             Italy                                                         
   JM             Jamaica                                                       
   JN             Jan Mayen                                                     
                       Insular administrative division of Norway (NO).          
   JA             Japan                                                         
                       Includes Ryukyu, Bonin, and Volcano Islands and          
                       the islands of Minami-Tori-Shima, Nishinoshima,          
                       and Okino-Tori-Shima.                                    
   DQ             Jarvis Island                                                 
                       U.S. territory.                                          
   JE             Jersey                                                        
                       British Crown Dependency.                                
   JQ             Johnston Atoll                                                
                       U.S. territory.                                          
   JO             Jordan                                                        
   JU             Juan De Nova Island                                           
                       French possession.                                       
   KZ             Kazakhstan                                                    
   KE             Kenya                                                         
   KQ             Kingman Reef                                                  
                       U.S. territory.                                          
   KR             Kiribati                                                      
                       The governments of the United States and Kiribati        
                       signed a "Treaty of Friendship" on September 20,         
                       1979.  Under provisions of the treaty, the U.S.          
                       relinquishes its claims to the following islands:        
                       Birnie, Canton, Enderbury, Gardner, Hull, Mckean,        
                       Phoenix, and Sydney in the Phoenix Islands;              
                       and Caroline, Christmas, Flint, Malden, Star-            
                       buck, and Vostok in the Line Islands.  The treaty        
                       was ratified by the U.S. Senate in June, 1983.           
   KN             Korea, Democratic People's Republic of                        
                       Also known as "North Korea."  Regime not                 
                       recognized by the U.S.                                   
   KS             Korea, Republic of                                            
                       Also known as "South Korea."                             
   KU             Kuwait                                                        
   KG             Kyrgyzstan                                                    
   LA             Laos                                                          
   LG             Latvia                                                        
   LE             Lebanon                                                       
   LT             Lesotho                                                       
   LI             Liberia                                                       
   LY             Libya                                                         
   LS             Liechtenstein                                                 
   LH             Lithuania                                                     
   LU             Luxembourg                                                    
   MC             Macau                                                         
                       Portuguese administered territory.                       
   MK             Macedonia                                                     
   MA             Madagascar                                                    
   MI             Malawi                                                        
   MY             Malaysia                                                      
   MV             Maldives                                                      
   ML             Mali                                                          
   MT             Malta                                                         
   IM             Man, Isle of                                                  
                       British Crown dependency.                                
   RM             Marshall Islands                                              
                       A compact of free association was signed by the          
                       United States and the Republic of the Marshall           
                       Islands which entered into full force and effect         
                       October 21, 1986.  Comprised of the former               
                       Marshall Islands district of the Trust Territory         
                       of the Pacific Islands (PS).                             
   MB             Martinique                                                    
                       Overseas department of France (FR).                      
   MR             Mauritania                                                    
   MP             Mauritius                                                     
                       Includes Rodrigues Island, Agalega Islands and           
                       Cargados Carajos Shoals.                                 
   MF             Mayotte                                                       
                       Territorial collectivity France (FR).  Ultimate          
                       status not yet determined.                               
   MX             Mexico                                                        
   MQ             Midway Islands                                                
                       U.S. territory.                                          
   MD             Moldova                                                       
   MN             Monaco                                                        
   MG             Mongolia                                                      
   MW             Montenegro                                                    
   MH             Montserrat                                                    
                       British colony.                                          
   MO             Morocco                                                       
   MZ             Mozambique                                                    
   WA             Namibia                                                       
                       International territory.  Formerly SW Africa.            
   NR             Nauru                                                         
   BQ             Navassa Island                                                
                       U.S. territory.                                          
   NP             Nepal                                                         
   NL             Netherlands                                                   
                       NL pertains only to the Netherlands in Europe,           
                       thereby excluding the Netherlands Antilles(NA).          
   NT             Netherlands Antilles                                          
                       Part of the Netherlands realm.  Includes Bonaire,        
                       Curacao, Saba, Sint Eustatius and Southern               
                       Saint Martin.                                            
   NC             New Caledonia                                                 
                       Overseas territory of France (FR).  Includes Ile         
                       Des Pins, Iles Loyaute, Ile Huon, Iles Belep, Iles       
                       Chesterfield and Ile Walpole.                            
   NZ             New Zealand                                                   
                       Includes Stewart Island, Chatham Islands, and            
                       Kermadec Islands.                                        
   NU             Nicaragua                                                     
                       Includes Islas Del Maiz (Corn Islands).                  
   NG             Niger                                                         
   NI             Nigeria                                                       
   NE             Niue                                                          
                       New Zealand territory.                                   
   NM             No Mans Land                                                  
   NF             Norfolk Island                                                
                       Australian external territory.                           
   CQ             Northern Mariana Islands                                      
                       Commonwealth associated with the US.                     
   NO             Norway                                                        
                       NO pertains only to continental Norway, thereby          
                       excluding Jan Mayen (JN) and Svalbard (SV), which        
                       are insular administrative divisions of Norway.          
   OS             Oceans                                                        
   MU             Oman                                                          
                       Includes Khuriyra Muriyra.                               
   PK             Pakistan                                                      
                       Includes Pakistani administered Jammu and Kashmir.       
   LQ             Palmyra Atoll                                                 
                       U.S. territory.                                          
   PM             Panama                                                        
                       Includes area formerly known as Canal Zone.              
   PP             Papua New Guinea                                              
                       Includes Bismarck Archipelago (Admiralty Islands,        
                       New Britain, New Ireland, etc.), Louisiade               
                       Archipelago D'Entrecasteaux Islands, Northern            
                       Solomon Islands (Bougainville, Buka Island, etc.),       
                       Trobriand Islands and Wooklark Island.                   
   PF             Paracel Islands                                               
                       Disputed islands in the South China Sea.                 
   PA             Paraguay                                                      
   PE             Peru                                                          
   RP             Philippines                                                   
   PC             Pitcairn Islands                                              
                       British dependency.  Includes Henderson Island,          
                       Ducie and Oeno Atolls.                                   
   PL             Poland                                                        
                       Includes Danzig and areas of 1937 Germany east           
                       or the Oder-Neisse Line.                                 
   PO             Portugal                                                      
                       Includes the Azores and Madeira Islands.                 
   RQ             Puerto Rico                                                   
                       Commonwealth associated with the US.                     
   QA             Qatar                                                         
   RE             Reunion                                                       
                       Overseas department of France (FR).  Excludes            
                       Bassas Da India (BS), Europa Island (EU), Glorioso       
                       Islands (GO) (Iles Glorieuses), Juan De Nova             
                       Island (JU), and Tromelin Island (TE).                   
   RO             Rumania                                                       
   RS             Russia                                                        
   RW             Rwanda                                                        
   SC             St. Kitts and Nevis                                           
   SH             St. Helena                                                    
   ST             St. Lucia                                                     
   SB             St. Pierre and Miquelon                                       
   VC             St. Vincent and the Grenadines                                
   SM             San Marino                                                    
   TP             Sao Tome and Principe                                         
   SA             Saudi Arabia                                                  
   SG             Senegal                                                       
   SE             Seychelles                                                    
                       Includes Aldabra Islands, Alphonse, Bijoutier,           
                       and St. Francois Islands, Amirante Isles,                
                       Cosmoledo Group, Farquhar Group, Ile                     
                       Desroches and St. Pierre Islet.                          
   YI             Serbia and Montenegro                                         
   SL             Sierra Leone                                                  
   SN             Singapore                                                     
   LO             Slovakia                                                      
   SI             Slovenia                                                      
   BP             Solomon Islands                                               
                       Includes Southern Solomon Islands (primarily             
                       Guadal Canal, Malaita, San Cristobal, Santa              
                       Isabel, and Choiseul) and Santa Cruz Islands.            
                       Northern Solomon Islands constitute part of Papua        
                       New Guinea (PP).                                         
   SO             Somalia                                                       
   SF             South Africa                                                  
                       Includes Walvis Bay, Marion Island, and Prince           
                       Edward Island.                                           
   SX             South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands                  
                       British dependency claimed by Argentina.                 
                       Includes South Georgia and the South Sandwich            
                       Islands, and Shag Rocks.                                 
   SP             Spain                                                         
                       Includes the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands,       
                       Ceuta, Melilla, Islas Chafarinas, Penon De               
                       Alhucenas, and Penon De Velez De La Gomera.              
   PG             Spratly Islands                                               
                       Disputed islands in the South China Sea.                 
   CE             Sri Lanka                                                     
   SU             Sudan                                                         
   NS             Suriname                                                      
   SV             Svalbard                                                      
                       Insular administrative division of Norway (NO).          
                       includes Spitsbergen and Bjornoya.                       
   WZ             Swaziland                                                     
   SW             Sweden                                                        
   SZ             Switzerland                                                   
   SY             Syria                                                         
   TW             Taiwan                                                        
   TI             Tajikistan                                                    
   TZ             Tanzania, United Republic of                                  
   TH             Thailand                                                      
   TO             Togo                                                          
   TL             Tokelau                                                       
                       New Zealand island territory.  On December 2,            
                       1980, the U. S. government signed a "Delimita-           
                       tion of Maritime Boundary" treaty with New Zealand       
                       for Tokelau.  Under provisions of the treaty the         
                       U.S. relinquishes its claims to the following a-         
                       tolls: Atafu, Fakaofu, and Nukunonu.  The treaty         
                       was ratified by the U.S. Senate in June, 1983.           
   TN             Tonga                                                         
   TD             Trinidad and Tobago                                           
   TE             Tromelin Island                                               
                       French possession.                                       
   PS             Palau                                                         
   TS             Tunisia                                                       
   TU             Turkey                                                        
   TX             Turkmenistan                                                  
   TK             Turks and Caicos Islands                                      
                       British colony.                                          
   TV             Tuvalu                                                        
                       Includes the islands of Nanumanga, Nanumea, Nui,         
                       Niutao, Vaitupu, Funafuti, Nukufetau, Nukulailai,        
                       and Nurakita.  The governments of the U. S.              
                       and Tuvalu signed a "Treaty of Friendship" on            
                       February 7, 1979.  Under provisions of the treaty,       
                       the United States relinquishes its claims to the         
                       following islands:  Funafuti, Nukufetau, Nu-             
                       kulailai, and Nurakita.  The treaty was ratified         
                       by the U.S. Senate in June, 1983.                        
   UG             Uganda                                                        
   UP             Ukraine                                                       
   UF             Undersea Features                                             
   AE             United Arab Emirates                                          
   UK             United Kingdom                                                
   US             United States                                                 
                       Includes only the States and the District of Colu-       
                       mbia; each outlying area is separately identified.       
   UY             Uruguay                                                       
   UZ             Uzbekistan                                                    
   NH             Vanuatu                                                       
                       Formerly New Hebrides.  Became independent               
                       July 30, 1980.                                           
   VT             Vatican City                                                  
   VE             Venezuela                                                     
   VM             Vietnam                                                       
   VQ             Virgin Islands                                                
                       U.S. territory.                                          
   WQ             Wake Atoll                                                    
                       U.S. territory.                                          
   WF             Wallis and Futuna                                             
                       Overseas territory of France (FR).  Includes Iles        
                       De Horne, Ile Uvea, and Ile Alofi.                       
   WE             West Bank                                                     
                       All of the area west of the Jordan river under           
                       Jordanian administration before the 1967 Arab-           
   WI             Western Sahara                                                
                       Formerly Spanish Sahara.  Now under de facto             
                       control of Morocco.                                      
   WS             Samoa                                                         
   YM             Yemen                                                         
                       Comprises the former Yemen Arab Republic and the         
                       former People's Democratic Republic of Yemen.            
   ZA             Zambia                                                        
   ZI             Zimbabwe                                                      
                       Became independent April 18, 1980.  Former British       
                       colony of Southern Rhodesia.                             
   ZZ             Unknown Country                                               

   Secretary of Commerce                                                        
   National Institute of Standards and Technology                               
   Federal Information Processing Standards Publications (FIPS PUBS)            
   FIPS PUB 10-4 1995 updated through July 2007 by                              
   National Imagery and Mapping Agency                                          

DATABASE INFORMATION:                                                           
   PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: X(2)                                                   
   COLUMN NAME:          CNTRY_INSTR                                            
   SHORT NAME:           CNTRYINS                                               

CREATE-CHANGE DATE:  09/25/07                                                   

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