Description of Data Element 01426

NAME:         Degree Code                                                       

NUMBER:       01426                                                             

FILES/TABLES: DOM                                                               

   Degree Coding                                                                

   The appropriate representation for the degree.                               

CODING INSTRUCTIONS:                                                            
   Codes for high school level degrees are only allowed where the               
   degree being reported is already held (01170 and 01112).                     

TABLE VALUES:                                                                   
                  *********High School Level Degree Codes                       
   G              GED                                                           
   H              High School Diploma  (Was = I and H Prior 1994-95)            
   U              College-Ready High School Diploma                             
                  *********POSTSECONDARY Level Undergraduate Degree Codes       
   A              Associate in Arts (AA)                                        
   B              Baccalaureate                                                 
   C              Associate in Science (AS)                                     
   J              Associate Degree (Used When AA/AS Is Not Known)               
                  *********POSTSECONDARY Level Graduate Degree Codes            
   D              Doctorate (Was = D Other Doc and H Educ Prior 1994-95)        
   E              Advanced Masters                                              
   F              Dentistry, DDS or DMD                                         
   L              Law, LLB or JD                                                
   M              Masters                                                       
   O              Other                                                         
   P              First Professional (Other Than F, L, V, W or X)               
   R              Engineer  (Was = G Prior to 1994-95)                          
   S              Specialist                                                    
   V              Veterinary Medicine, DVM                                      
   W              Pharmacy (PharmD)                                             
   X              Medicine, MD                                                  
   N              No Degree                                                     
   Z              Not Reported (Was = Z and X Prior to 1994-95)                 

SOURCE RESPONSIBILITY:                                                          

DATABASE INFORMATION:                                                           
   PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: X(1)                                                   
   COLUMN NAME:          DEGREE_CODE                                            
   SHORT NAME:           DEGCD                                                  

CREATE-CHANGE DATE:  05/26/06                                                   

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