Description of Data Element 01310

NAME:         Fee Revenue Type                                                  

NUMBER:       01310                                                             

FILES/TABLES: OPER                                                              

   Operating Budget                                                             

   A four-digit code identifying the type and or source of revenue.             

TABLE VALUES:                                                                   
   2101           Matriculation Fees Collected                              <   
   2102           Grad Assist Matriculation Fee Waivers (State Funded)          
   2107           Non-Funded GA Matriculation Fee Waivers                   <   
   2201           Out-of-State Tuition                                          
   2202           Non-Funded Out-of-State Waivers                           <   
   2203           Out-of-State Waivers (State Funded)                           
   2204           Application Fees                                              
   2205           Late Registration                                             
   2208           Other Fees                                                    
   2301           Research Overhead                                             
   2302           Prior-Year Revenue                                            
   2303           Federal Land Grants                                           
   2304           Library Fines                                                 
   2305           Transfers                                                 <   
   2307           Prorate to Appropriations (Increase)                          
   2308           Prorate to Appropriations (Decrease)                          
   2309           Other Revenue                                                 
   2310           New College                                                   

SOURCE RESPONSIBILITY:                                                          

DATABASE INFORMATION:                                                           
   PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: X(4)                                                   
   COLUMN NAME:          FEE_REVENUE_TYPE                                       
   SHORT NAME:           FEEREV                                                 

CREATE-CHANGE DATE:  01/30/97                                                   

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