Description of Data Element 01669

NAME:         Health Insurance Provider Code, State                             

NUMBER:       01669                                                             

FILES/TABLES: EMPL  SCD                                                         

   Legislative Reporting                                                        

   The health participation plan the employee has chosen. (includes             
   State, HMO, Federal)  this plan code is assigned by PeopleFirst.             

   DIAGNOSTIC MESSAGE                                     ERROR LEVEL           
   MISSING OR INVALID                                     CRITICAL              
        EMPL    SCD                                                             

CODING INSTRUCTIONS:                                                            
   The table includes a sample of the codes available. PeopleFirst              
   is the assignee of the code and the repository of the information            
   on specific plan. Required for all employees.                                
   Institutions may provide legacy DSGI provider codes - with one               
   exception on value 260 - or new PeopleFirst provider codes. The              
   value 260 will take on the meaning as assigned by PeopleFirst.               
   Universities choosing to report the legacy DSGI provider codes               
   must use 262 for Vista(Alachua/Bradford/Columbia/Dixie/Gilchrist/            
   Hamilton/Lafayette/Levy/Marion/Suwannee/Union) instead of 260.               

TABLE VALUES:                                                                   
                  Legacy DSGI Codes:                                            
   000            Does Not Participate in Health Insurance/Not Applicable       
   001            State Self Insurance Plan (PPC)                               
   030            Florida Health Care (Flagler/Seminole/Volusia)                
   040            Capital Health Plan (Gadsden/Jefferson/Leon/Wakulla)          
   044            Prudential Health Care (Brevard/Lake/Orange/Osceola/          
   051            Prudential Health Care (Baker/Clay/Duval/Nassau/              
                                          St Johns)                             
   060            Vista (Calhoun/Franklin/Gadsden/                              
   202            Avmed Health Plan (Alachua/Bradford/Citrus/Columbia/          
   262            Vista (Alachua/Bradford/Columbia/Dixie/                       
   302            Avmed Health Plan (Baker/Clay/Duval/Nassau/St Johns)          
   360            Vista (Escambia/Santa Rosa)                                   
   402            Avmed Health Plan (Orange/Osceola/Seminole)                   
   502            Avmed Health Plan (Gadsden/Leon)                              
   606            Vista (Broward/Dade/Palm Beach)                               
   608            JMH Health Plan (Broward/Dade)                                
   612            Avmed Health Plan (Broward)                                   
   616            HIP Health Plan of FL (Hernando/Hillsborough/Pasco/           
   622            Avmed Health Plan (Dade)                                      
   632            Avmed Health Plan (Palm Beach)                                
   702            Avmed Health Plan (Hernando/Hillsborough/Pasco/               
   704            Prudential Health Care (Hillsborough/Pasco/Pinellas)          
   820            Prudential Health Care (Broward/Dade/Palm Beach)              
   906            Tricare Supplemental ER Contrib                               
                  New PeopleFirst Codes:                                        
   999            No Coverage                                                   
   100            State Employee PPO Plan                                       
   101            State Employee PPO Plan (Medicare)                            
   105            State Employee PPO Plan HIHP                                  
   106            State Employee PPO Plan HIHP (Medicare)                       
   200            AvMed Gainesville                                             
   201            AvMed Gainesville (Medicare)                                  
   210            AvMed Jacksonville                                            
   211            AvMed Jacksonville (Medicare)                                 
   220            AvMed Orlando                                                 
   221            AvMed Orlando (Medicare)                                      
   230            AvMed Broward                                                 
   231            AvMed Broward (Medicare)                                      
   240            AvMed Dade                                                    
   241            AvMed Dade (Medicare)                                         
   250            AvMed Palm Beach                                              
   251            AvMed Palm Beach (Medicare)                                   
   260            AvMed Tampa                                                   
   261            AvMed Tampa (Medicare)                                        
   270            AvMed HMO                                                     
   271            AvMed HMO (Medicare)                                          
   275            AvMed HMO HIHP                                                
   276            AvMed HMO HIHP (Medicare)                                     
   300            United Healthcare HMO                                         
   301            United Healthcare HMO (Medicare)                              
   305            United Healthcare HMO HIHP                                    
   306            United Healthcare HMO HIHP (Medicare)                         
   350            Health First HMO                                              
   351            Health First HMO (Medicare)                                   
   355            Health First HMO HIHP                                         
   356            Health First HMO HIHP (Medicare)                              
   400            Capital Health Plan                                           
   401            Capital Health Plan (Medicare)                                
   500            Florida Health Care Plans                                     
   501            Florida Health Care (Medicare)                                
   505            Florida Health Care Plans HIHP                                
   506            Florida Health Care HIHP (Medicare)                           
   600            Vista                                                         
   601            Vista (Medicare)                                              
   620            Vista                                                         
   621            Vista (Medicare)                                              
   630            Vista                                                         
   631            Vista (Medicare)                                              
   640            Vista HMO                                                     
   641            Vista HMO (Medicare)                                          
   645            Vista HMO HIHP                                            <   
   800            Vista Healthplan                                              
   801            Vista Healthplan Broward (Medicare)                           
   811            Vista Healthplan Dade (Medicare)                              
   821            Vista Healthplan Palm Beach (Medicare)                        
   900            TRICARE Supplement                                            

SOURCE RESPONSIBILITY:                                                          

DATABASE INFORMATION:                                                           
   PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: X(3)                                                   
   COLUMN NAME:          HLTH_INS_PROV_CD                                       
   SHORT NAME:           HLINSPRV                                               

CREATE-CHANGE DATE:  03/28/07                                                   

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