Description of Data Element 01526

NAME:         Activity Portion of Person Years                                  

NUMBER:       01526                                                             

FILES/TABLES: EA    IRD                                                         
COMPONENTS:   01501 01503 01512                                                 

   Review and management of personnel assignment                                
   Development of SUS request budgets related to faculty activities             
   To meet reporting and auditing requirements of FS 1012.945               <   
   To provide data for the Expenditure Analysis                                 

   This is the activity portion of the employee's term                          
   person years expended in performing this activity during the                 

CODING INSTRUCTIONS:                                                            
   Activity Portion of Person Years is generated by the                         
   Instruction and Research Data File edit program.                             

   Activity Portion of Person Years is program generated using                  
   the following formula:                                                       
   (Activity Prtn of Effort (01512) / Term I&R FTE (01501)                      
   times Term I&R Person Year Equivalent Effort (01503)                         
   = Activity Portion of Person Years (01526)                                   

   FS 1012.945                                                              <   

DATABASE INFORMATION:                                                           
   PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 9V9(4)                                                 
   COLUMN NAME:          ACT_PORT_PERSON_YR                                     
   SHORT NAME:           ACTPERYR                                               

CREATE-CHANGE DATE:  11/04/94                                                   

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