Description of Data Element 01503

NAME:         Person Year, I&R Equivalent Effort - Term                         

NUMBER:       01503                                                             

FILES/TABLES: EA    IRD                                                         
COMPONENTS:   01501 01502                                                       

   Review and management of personnel assignment                                
   Development of SUS request budgets related to faculty                        
   To meet reporting and auditing requirements of FS 1012.945               <   
   To provide data for the Expenditure Analysis                                 

   The Person Year Equivalent Effort for the reported term                      
   is calculated for this person by multiplying Term Budgeted                   
   Weeks of Activity (01502) by Term Instruction & Research                     
   FTE (01501), divided by 52.2, the actual number of weeks                     
   in the fiscal year.                                                          

   DIAGNOSTIC MESSAGE                                     ERROR LEVEL           
   GENERATED TERM MAN-YEAR GT .50                         CRITICAL              
   GENERATED TERM MAN-YEAR GT .40                         WARNING               

CODING INSTRUCTIONS:                                                            
   This element is program generated.                                           

   The formula used to calculate term I&R Person-Year Equivalent                
   Effort is as follows:                                                        
   Term I&R Person-Year Equivalent Effort =                                     
   (01502-Term Budgeted Weeks of Activity                                       
   times 01501-Term Instruction & Research FTE)                                 
   divided by 52.2 (weeks in the fiscal year)                                   

   FS 1012.945                                                              <   

DATABASE INFORMATION:                                                           
   PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 9V9(4)                                                 
   COLUMN NAME:          PERSON_YEAR_TERM                                       
   SHORT NAME:           EMPPERYR                                               

CREATE-CHANGE DATE:  02/27/02                                                   

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