Description of Data Element 01060

NAME:         Student's Classification Level                                    

NUMBER:       01060                                                             

FILES/TABLES: ADM   HTD   PSTU  RET   SDCF  SFA                                 

   Community Colleges Articulation Agreement                                    
   Enrollment Reporting and Analyses                                            
   Student Financial Aid Reporting                                              
   Legislative Reporting                                                        

   The categorization of the student's progress at the beginning of             
   the term toward a specific degree or certificate as it applies               
   to allocation of resources within the State University System.               
   These categories are:                                                        
   Advanced Graduate--a graduate student who has been formally                  
   admitted to a recognized Doctoral or Post-Masters' degree                    
   program and who has (accumulated 36 or more credit hours toward              
   his or her degree program or has a master's degree). Credit                  
   hours counted for this classification include (a) credit hours               
   earned applicable to the current program and (b) credit hours                
   earned prior to the current program but accepted by the                      
   university as applicable toward the student's current degree                 
   Beginning Graduate--a graduate student who has been formally                 
   admitted to a graduate degree program and is not an advanced                 
   graduate student.                                                            
   Upper Division--a student who has earned 60 or more credit hours             
   or has an associate of arts degree and has (1) completed require-            
   ments in English and mathematics as prescribed by FAC 6A-10.030              
   and (2) has presented appropriate scores on the College-Level                
   Academic Skills Test (CLAST) as required by FS 1008.29:                      
   or is working toward an additional baccalaureate degree.                     
   Lower Division--a student who has earned less than 60 credit                 
   hours, or a student who has not been admitted to the upper                   
   Unclassified--a student not admitted to a degree program.                    

   DIAGNOSTIC MESSAGE                                     ERROR LEVEL           
   EQ L AND 01081 EQ B OR HIGHER                          CRITICAL              
   INVALID                                                CRITICAL              
   MISSING OR INVALID                                     CRITICAL              
        SDCF    SFA                                                             
   MUST BE L,U,A,B,N IF 01135=A,P,X                       CRITICAL              
   N, 01081 NE N & 01051 = 01412                          CRITICAL              
        ADM     SDCF    SFA                                                     

CODING INSTRUCTIONS:                                                            
   Students earning first professional degrees (medicine, dentistry,            
   veterinary medicine, pharmacy and law) should be coded beginning             
   On the Admissions File this element is required for admitted                 
   students (01135=A,P,X).  It is not required and may be left blank            
   for other applicants.  If it is coded for non-required records               
   it will be edited for a valid code.                                          

TABLE VALUES:                                                                   
   A              Advanced Graduate                                             
   B              Beginning Graduate                                            
   U              Upper Division Undergraduate                                  
   L              Lower Division Undergraduate                                  
   N              Unclassified                                                  
                  (not formally admitted and thus is not degree seeking.)       

   FS 1008.29                                                                   
   FAC 6A-10.030                                                                

DATABASE INFORMATION:                                                           
   PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: X(1)                                                   
   COLUMN NAME:          STU_CLASS_LEVEL                                        
   SHORT NAME:           SCLSLVL                                                

CREATE-CHANGE DATE:  08/11/06                                                   

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