Description of Data Element 01103

NAME:         Student Section Funding Flag                                      

NUMBER:       01103                                                             

FILES/TABLES: PSTU  SDCF                                                        

   Appropriations Act Of 1974, Budget, State Funding,                           

   Indicates whether or not a course is state funded.  If it is not             
   state fundable this flag indicates reason it is not.                         

   DIAGNOSTIC MESSAGE                                     ERROR LEVEL           
   =P AND 01289=T,G,Z & 01108=E,S                         CRITICAL              
   CANNOT=0 IF 01098 GE 280000 & LE 299999                CRITICAL              
   CANNOT=0 IF 01106=N,A,E & 01354 = Y                    CRITICAL              
   CODED P AND NO FEE WAIVER (01108) = E,S                CRITICAL              
   MISSING OR INVALID                                     CRITICAL              
   MUST=5, 01071=F,C                                      CRITICAL              
   MUST=7, 01057=Y,01289=R & 01071 NE F,C                 CRITICAL              
   MUST=7, 01057=Y,01289=S & 01071 NE F,C                 CRITICAL              
   0 INVALID (01289=G & 01059=N)                          CRITICAL              

CODING INSTRUCTIONS:                                                            
   Codes 'A' through 'I' should be used for courses which are taught            
   at the institution reporting the credit, but which are funded                
   through another SUS institution, I.E., a course reported by FSU              
   which is funded through FAMU would have the value 'A' coded in               
   Student Section Funding Flag.                                                

TABLE VALUES:                                                                   
   0              State Fundable                                                
   1              Remedial                                                      
                  (below college level)                                         
   2              Military                                                      
   3              Not Applicable Toward Any Degree                              
                  To include fees waived through reciprocal student             
                  exchange programs                                             
   4              Funded From Non-University Sources                            
                  Where substantially all the direct costs are paid by          
                  the sponsoring agency (Non-SUS) and where no direct           
                  operational costs are provided by the university              
   5              Fee Deferment Default Or Cancelled Non-Payment                
   6              Student Enrolled for Audit                                    
   7              Over 5 Hours Supervised Teaching/Research                     
                  Exceeds 5 hour maximum in supervised teaching or              
                  supervised research                                           
   8              Non-Candidate Doctoral Research                               
                  Students enrolled in Doctoral research not admitted to        
                  Doctoral candidacy                                            
   9              Credit By Exam                                                
   J              Non-Fundable, Repeat Surcharge Applied                        
                  This code shall be used to identify courses for which         
                  the student pays a repeat surcharge.  These courses           
                  shall not be included in calculations of full-time            
                  equivalent enrollments for state funding.  This code          
                  should only be used if the student actually pays the          
                  repeat surcharge and is not exempted from paying it.          
                  (1) An undergraduate course that has been taken more          
                      than twice by this student, or                            
                  (2) a college-prepatory class that this student               
                      has enrolled in more than two times.                      
   L              Non-Fundable, Student Funded                                  
                  Courses where students pay all the cost of                    
                  instruction.  (eg. Executive MBA, Distance Learning)          
   M              Medical/Professional Non-Fundable                             
   N              Non-Resident Profile Assessment                               
                  The following codes indicate that credit taken at the         
                  reporting institution was:                                    
   A              Funded Through Florida A&M University                         
   B              Funded Through Florida Atlantic University                    
   K              Funded Through Florida Gulf Coast University                  
   C              Funded Through Florida International University               
   D              Funded Through Florida State University                       
   E              Funded Through University of Central Florida                  
   F              Funded Through University of Florida                          
   G              Funded Through University of North Florida                    
   H              Funded Through University of South Florida                    
   I              Funded Through University of West Florida                     
                  The following code should be used to identify the             
                  courses of employees using a state employee fee               
                  waiver (01108 = E or S).  The State Fundable Credit           
                  Credit Hours (01286) will not be calculated by the            
                  Student Data Course File edit program for these courses       
                  but will be accepted as entered by the institution.           
   P              SUS or State Employee Fee Waiver Course.                      

   FAC 6C-7                                                                 <   
   FS 1009.26(3),(8), FS 1009.265, FS 1009.28, FS 1009.285                  <   

DATABASE INFORMATION:                                                           
   PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: X(1)                                                   
   COLUMN NAME:          STU_SECT_FUND_FLG                                      
   SHORT NAME:           CRSFND                                                 

CREATE-CHANGE DATE:  09/03/04                                                   

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