Description of Data Element 01047

NAME:         Retirement Code, Employment Resource                              

NUMBER:       01047                                                             

FILES/TABLES: EMPL  OPER  SCD                                                   
COMPONENTS:   01732                                                             

   Personnel Reporting                                                          

   Identifies the system in which a person is enrolled and from                 
   which the person expects to collect benefits upon retirement.                
   An employee is enrolled in one of these system administered                  
   by the Division of Retirement.                                               

   DIAGNOSTIC MESSAGE                                     ERROR LEVEL           
   MISSING OR INVALID                                     CRITICAL              
        EMPL    SCD                                                             
        EMPL    SCD                                                             

CODING INSTRUCTIONS:                                                            
   The SCD edit will not generate any values. Code your choice of               
   Retirement Code on non-filled employment resources.                          

TABLE VALUES:                                                                   
                  From the Division of Retirement July 1 2006 rates:            
                  Retirement Plans                     percent  FICA*           
                  ___________________________________  _______  ____            
   AD             Scores Div. B (prior 1-1-58)           9.10     Y             
   AE             Scores Div. B (1-1-58/7-1-63)          9.10     Y             
   AF             Scores Div. B (after 7-1-63)           9.10     Y             
   DP             DROP from FRS                         10.91     Y             
   DR             DROP from Plan A, Scores              10.91     N             
   DS             DROP from Plan B, Scores              10.91     Y             
   DT             DROP from TRS, all plans              10.91     N             
   HA             Florida Retirement Reg Mem            09.85     Y             
   HB             FRS Special Risk                      20.92     Y             
   HC             FRS Judges                            19.56     Y             
   HD             FRS (Vow of Poverty)                  10.15     N             
   HE             FRS Legislators                       14.48     Y             
   HF             F1/J1 Visa/Vow Poverty Spec. Risk     21.16     N             
   HG             FRS Governor,LT. Gov. & Cabinet       12.49     Y             
   HH             FRS State Attorney-Public Def.        12.49     Y             
   HI             FRS County, City, S.District Elect.   16.53     Y             
   HJ             Special Risk-Admin. Support Class     12.55     Y             
   HK             FRS IFAS Supplemental                 20.23     Y             
   HM             SMS Class                             10.45     Y             
   HP             ESCOC Join SMSC/SMSOAP - FRS          10.45     Y             
   HQ             ESCOC Join SMSC/SMSOAP - FRS other    10.45     Y             
   IA             Teachers Retirement System Plan A     06.25***  N             
   IC             Teachers Retirement System Plan C     00.00     N             
   ID             Teachers Retirement System Plan D     00.00     N             
   IE             Teachers Retirement System Plan E     11.35     N             
   IF             TRS Plan E (Plus Social Security)     11.35     Y             
   MA             OASDI and Medicare Only               00.00     Y             
   NA             No Ret./No OASDI/No Medicare          00.00     N             
   NF             US CS Retirement                      07.00     M             
   NJ             City Jax Ret                          01.64     N             
   NK             US Civ Service Retirement             08.51     M             
   OC             State Community College Sys Opt Ret   10.43     Y             
   OD             Re-Employed Retirees-CCORP            10.43     Y         <   
   OM             Optional Annuity Program for SMS      12.49     Y             
   ON             SUS Optional Retirement               16.45     N             
   OP             SUS Optional Retirement               10.43     Y             
   OQ             Re-Employed Retirees-SMSOAP other     00.00     Y             
   OR             Re-Employed Retirees-SMSOAP           12.49     Y             
   OS             Re-employed Retirees-SMSORP           10.43     Y         <   
   PA             PEORP Reg Mem                         09.85     Y             
   PB             PEORP Special Risk                    20.92     Y             
   PC             PEORP Judges                          19.56     Y             
   PD             PEORP Reg. Mem W/F1 or J1 Visa        05.76     N             
   PE             PEORP Legislators                     14.48     Y             
   PF             PEORP Special Mem W/F1 or J1 Visa     16.01     N             
   PG             PEORP Gov./Lt Gov. and Cabinet        12.49     Y             
   PH             PEORP State Atty/ Public Def          12.49     Y             
   PI             PEORP County, City, S.Dist.Elect Offc 16.53     Y             
   PJ             PEORP Special Risk Admin Support      12.55     Y             
   PM             PEORP Senior Mgmt Service             10.45     Y             
   QA             Re-Employed PEORP - Regular Member    07.83     Y             
   QC             Re-Employed PEORP - Judges            18.65     Y             
   QE             Re-Employed Legislators               12.49     Y             
   QG             Re-Employed Gov./Lt Gov. and Cabinet  12.49     Y             
   QH             Re-Employed State Atty/Public Def     12.49     Y             
   QI             Re-Employed Cnty,Cty,S.Dist.Elect Ofc 15.23     Y             
   QM             Re-Employed Senior Mgmt Service       13.12     Y             
   QP             Re-Employed SMS EOC                   10.45     Y             
   QQ             Re-Employed Cnty,Cty,S.Dist.Elect Ofc 10.45     Y             
   RA             Re-Employed Retirees-FRS-Regular      07.83     Y             
   RC             Re-Employed Retirees-FRS-Judges       18.65     Y             
   RE             Re-Employed Retirees-FRS-Legis.       12.49     Y             
   RG             Re-Employed Retirees-FRS-Governor     12.49     Y             
   RH             Re-Emp R.-FRS-Public Def/State Atty   12.49     Y             
   RI             Re-Emp R.-FRS-S.District Elect. Offc. 15.23     Y             
   RM             Re-Emp R.-FRS-Senior Management       13.12     Y             
   RP             Re-Emp R.-FRS-SMSC - ESCOC            10.45     Y             
   RQ             Re-Emp R.-FRS-SMSC-District Elect.    10.45     Y             
   ZM             OPS no Ret, Medicare Only             00.00     M             
   ZX             OPS no Ret, no OASDI, No Medicare     00.00     N             
   ZZ             OPS no Ret, OASDI and Medicare        00.00     Y             
                  * n = no FICA   y = yes FICA   m = medicare                   
                  ** the state also pays 7% to federal retirement               
                  *** variable individual amounts                               

SOURCE RESPONSIBILITY:                                                          

DATABASE INFORMATION:                                                           
   PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: X(2)                                                   
   COLUMN NAME:          RETIRE_CODE_EMP                                        
   SHORT NAME:           RETCD                                                  
   OTHER INFORMATION:    CONFIDENTIAL / NULLABLE                                

CREATE-CHANGE DATE:  10/06/04                                                   

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