Description of Data Element 10011

NAME:         Building Name                                                     

NUMBER:       10011                                                             

FILES/TABLES: SPA                                                               

   Current Facilities Inventory Data                                            
   Educational Plant Surveys                                                    

   The full name of the building.                                               

   DIAGNOSTIC MESSAGE                                     ERROR LEVEL           
   BUILDING NAME MISSING                                  CRITICAL              
        SPA  <                                                                  

CODING INSTRUCTIONS:                                                            
   Do not abbreviate unless abbreviation is part of name                        
   or name exceeds file space.  Buildings with numeric                          
   designator only, should alphabetize the name.                                

DATABASE INFORMATION:                                                           
   PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: X(30)                                                  
   COLUMN NAME:          BUILDING_NAME                                          
   SHORT NAME:           BLDGNAME                                               

CREATE-CHANGE DATE:  04/25/07                                                   

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