Description of Data Element 01409

NAME:         Administrative Code - Faculty and other                           

NUMBER:       01409                                                             

FILES/TABLES: EMPL  IRD   OPER  SCD                                             
COMPONENTS:   01415                                                             

   To provide a method of categorizing faculty and other                        
   professional employees.                                                      

   A code used to group Faculty, OPS, and other employees                       
   whose primary administrative function is similar.                            

   DIAGNOSTIC MESSAGE                                     ERROR LEVEL           
   MISSING OR INVALID                                     CRITICAL              
        EMPL    IRD     SCD                                                     
        EMPL    IRD     SCD                                                     

CODING INSTRUCTIONS:                                                            
   This code will identify the primary or major administrative                  
   function of the employee. Code '99' when there are no admin                  

TABLE VALUES:                                                                   
   B1             Counselor/Advisor                                             
   C1             Chairperson                                                   
   C2             Associate Chairperson                                         
   C3             Assistant Chairperson                                         
   C4             Center Director                                               
   D1             Dean                                                          
   D2             Associate Dean                                                
   D3             Assistant Dean                                                
   D4             Dean of Faculties                                             
   F1             Chief/Head                                                    
   F2             Associate Chief/Head                                          
   G1             Program Director                                              
   G2             Associate Program Director                                    
   G4             Chief of Party                                                
   G3             Assistant Program Director                                    
   H1             Department Head                                               
   H2             Associate Department Head                                     
   H3             Assistant Department Head                                     
   J1             Vice President, Graduate Studies                              
   J2             Associate Vice President, Graduate Studies                    
   J3             Assistant Vice President, Graduate Studies                    
   K1             Academic Administrator                                        
   L1             Director, University Libraries                                
   L2             Associate Director, University Libraries                      
   L3             Assistant Director, University Libraries                      
   M1             Vice President, Medical/Health Affairs                        
   M2             Associate Vice President, Medical/Health Affairs              
   M3             Assistant Vice President, Medical/Health Affairs              
   N1             Coordinator                                                   
   N2             Consultant                                                    
   N3             Specialist                                                    
   O1             Vice President, Research/Sponsored Research                   
   O2             Associate Vice President, Research/Sponsored Research         
   O3             Assistant Vice President, Research/Sponsored Research         
   P0             President                                                     
   P1             Provost                                                       
   P2             Associate Provost                                             
   P3             Assistant Provost                                             
   P4             Vice Provost                                                  
   Q1             Manager                                                       
   Q2             Executive Assistant                                           
   Q3             Corporate Secretary                                           
   Q4             Resident Advisor                                              
   R1             District Director                                             
   R2             Associate District Director                                   
   R3             Assistant District Director                                   
   T1             Director                                                      
   T2             Associate Director                                            
   T3             Assistant Director                                            
   T4             School Director                                               
   T7             Associate School Director                                     
   T8             Assistant School Director                                     
   T9             Associate Center Director                                     
   U1             Director, University School                                   
   U2             Associate Director, University School                         
   U3             Assistant Director, University School                         
   U4             Principal, University School                                  
   U5             Assistant Principal, University School                        
   V1             Vice President, Academic Affairs                              
   V2             Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs                    
   V3             Assistant Vice President, Academic Affairs                    
   V4             Vice President                                                
   V5             Associate Vice President                                      
   V6             Assistant Vice President                                      
   X1             Director, County Extension                                    
   X2             Associate Director, County Extension                          
   X3             Assistant Director, County Extension                          
   Y1             General Counsel                                               
   Y2             Associate General Counsel                                     
   Y3             Assistant General Counsel                                     
   Z0             Chancellor                                                    
   Z1             Vice Chancellor                                               
   Z2             Associate Vice Chancellor                                     
   Z3             Assistant Vice Chancellor                                     
   Z4             Executive Vice Chancellor                                     
   99             No Administrative Function                                    

SOURCE RESPONSIBILITY:                                                          

DATABASE INFORMATION:                                                           
   PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: X(2)                                                   
   COLUMN NAME:          ADMIN_CODE_PRI                                         
   SHORT NAME:           ADMCD1                                                 
   OTHER INFORMATION:    NULLABLE                                               

CREATE-CHANGE DATE:  01/18/05                                                   

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