Description of Data Element 01006

NAME:         Appointment Status                                                

NUMBER:       01006                                                             

FILES/TABLES: DOM   OPER  SCD                                                   


   Indicates the type of appointment held by an employee.                       

TABLE VALUES:                                                                   
                  ****************************************  All Pay Plans       
   X              Not Applicable                                                
                    *VALID for Appointment Status-Administrative-Primary        
                     01697.  Appointment Status - Class (01696) for OPS         
                  *************** Temporary Other Personal Services (OPS)       
   A              University Pay Plans / OPS                                    
                  A temporary appointment paid from OPS. Individuals        <   
                  employed for the purpose of accomplishing tasks that      <   
                  are normally short term, peak load, or periodic in        <   
                  Classification codes 0012-0017.                           <   
   F              Adjunct Faculty                                               
                  An appointment paid from OPS.  Adjunct appointments           
                  may not be for more then 50% of the time throughout an        
                  academic year or full-time for more than twenty-six           
                  weeks of a fiscal year, unless approved by the chief          
                  Administrative officer.  Such appointments are for            
                  temporary or part-time employment and the term of             
                  employment is only for the period specified in the            
                  ***************** Student Other Personal Services (OPS)       
   L              House Staff                                                   
                  A temporary appointment paid from OPS.                        
                  Codes 9179, 9187 and 9188 who assist medical school           
                  professional health care faculty and staff with               
                  patient care and other activities related to the              
                  person's area of specialization.  May be responsible          
                  for conducting research in specialized areas of               
                  health care.                                                  
   M              Student - Faculty                                             
                  A temporary appointment paid from OPS.                        
                  Codes 9181-9185 who are enrolled for at least one             
                  credit hour.                                                  
   P              Post Doctoral                                                 
                  A temporary appointment paid from OPS.                        
                  Code 9189 who is primarily responsible for conducting         
                  research or participating in research for specific            
                  programs or projects, but may be responsible for              
                  teaching when part of a specific program.                     
   Z              Student - Non-Faculty                                         
                  A temporary appointment paid from OPS.                        
                  Applies to persons as identified in Classifications           
                  Codes 9190 and 9191. Degree seeking students in an        <   
                  accredited secondary or post secondary educational        <   
                  program who are employed on an occasional or part-time    <   
                  basis.                                                    <   
                  *****************************************OPS or Faculty       
   V              Industry                                                      
                  Persons appointed hold faculty rank, are non-tenure           
                  earning, are not time limited.                                
                  *************************************** Phased Retirees       
   O              Phased Retirement - OPS                                       
                  A temporary appointment paid from OPS.                    <   
   R              Phased Retirement - Salaried                                  
                  An appointment under the provisions of the phased             
                  retirement program.                                       <   
                  ********************************  University Pay Plans        
   2              Probationary                                                  
                  An appointment to a position in a class for the design-       
                  ated period, where the employee meets the minimum qual-       
                  ifications for the position.  Continuous successful           
                  performance in a class with the appointment modifier of       
                  temporary may be counted toward completion of the             
                  required probationary period.  The decision to count          
                  such time toward completion of the probationary period        
                  shall be made at the time the employee is initially           
                  appointed with probationary status.                           
   3              Regular                                                       
                  A continuing appointment after successful completion          
                  of the designated probationary period for the class.          
   5              Temporary                                                     
                  An appointment to provide a nonpermanent assignment           
                  to a vacant position; to replace an employee on leave,        
                  temporarily promoted or reassigned; or to overlap one         
                  employee with another for training purposes.                  
   6              Emergency                                                     
                  An appointment for no more than 3 months when a vacancy       
                  must be filled immediately due to an emergency.  Such         
                  appointments may be made without regard to the                
                  employee's training and experience or other provisions        
                  of these rules.  These appointments may be below the          
                  minimum of the pay range.                                 <   
   7              Trainee                                                       
                  An appointment to a law enforcement position prior to         
                  receiving a Certificate of Compliance, except that the        
                  employee must, within 180 consecutive days following          
                  such appointment, be actively enrolled in the training        
                  program to obtain the certificate.  Trainee status is         
                  also used when the employee has not passed a required         
                  examination, but meets the minimum qualifications for         
                  the position; the employee is not fully qualified but         
                  is expected to acquire such qualifications in a short         
                  period of time or the appointment is under a cooper-          
                  ative education program, a vocational rehabilitation          
                  program, an approved university training program, or          
                  an apprenticeship program. These appointments may be      <   
                  below the minimum of the pay range.                       <   
                  *********************************************** Faculty       
                           Classification Codes 9000-9178, 9186 and 9199.       
                  ****************************** and University Pay Plans       
   B              Regular                                                       
                  A continuing appointment or an original temporary             
                  appointment which may be followed by a continuing             
                  appointment.  The appointment modifier is not included        
                  in the title.                                                 
   C              Visiting                                                      
                  An appointment of a person having professional qualif-        
                  ications, when either the person or the position is not       
                  expected to be available for more than a limited period       
                  of time.                                                      
   D              Acting                                                        
                  *** Faculty                                                   
                  A limited time appointment to a position primarily            
                  assigned administrative duties.                               
                  *** University Pay Plan                                       
                  A limited time appointment that includes the assump-          
                  tion of additional or replacement duties.                     
   G              Provisional                                                   
                  An appointment of a person who is not fully qualified,        
                  but who is expected to acquire such qualifications in a       
                  short period of time.                                     <   
   T              Emeritus                                                      
                  An honorary title which may be conferred at retire-           
                  ment in recognition of distinguished service.                 
                  **********************************************  Faculty       
                           Classification Codes 9000-9178, 9186 and 9199.       
   E              Research                                                      
                  An appointment when the person is engaged primarily in        
   H              Courtesy                                                      
                  An unpaid appointment which may include special acad-         
                  emic privileges such as voting in departmental affairs.       
                  Persons appointed with this status may or may not be          
                  otherwise affiliated with the university.                     
   I              Joint - College                                               
                  An appointment to a college/unit administered jointly         
                  by more than one university.  Although appointed and          
                  employeed by only one of the participating universities       
                  each person so designated is considered an employee of        
                  the other participating universities for purposes of          
                  carrying out the teaching, research, and service              
                  responsibilities of the college/unit.                         
   J              Joint                                                         
                  An appointment when the person is regularly particip-         
                  ating in the teaching and/or graduate supervision             
                  responsibilities of more than one academic department/        
   K              Affiliate                                                     
                  An appointment when a person participates in some             
                  functions of other academic departments/units.                
   N              Clinical                                                      
                  An appointment paid in conjunction with a professional        
                  position in a hospital or other clinical environment.         
   S              Honorary/Honoris Causa                                        
                  An unpaid appointment of an individual having distinc-        
                  tion and honor in his/her field, but who may not              
                  possess the normal requirements for the position.             
   U              Affiliated Clinical                                           
                  An unpaid appointment. Persons appointed with this            
                  status may or may not be otherwise affiliated with            
                  the University.  This appointment is not eligible             
                  for tenure or permanent status; time spent in this            
                  appointment shall not count as tenure or permanent            
                  status eligible service.                                      
   W              Program                                                       
                  Persons appointed hold faculty rank and are primarily         
                  engaged in UF/IFAS cooperative extension work.                
                  Appointments do not accrue permanent status, are not          
                  time limited, and are funded by non-appropriated              

SOURCE RESPONSIBILITY:                                                          

DATABASE INFORMATION:                                                           
   PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: X(1)                                                   
   COLUMN NAME:          APPOINTMENT_STATUS                                     
   SHORT NAME:           APSTAT                                                 

CREATE-CHANGE DATE:  08/09/00                                                   

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