Description of Data Element 01413

NAME:         Type of Student at Time of Most Recent Admission                  

NUMBER:       01413                                                             

FILES/TABLES: CP    HTD   PSTU  RET   SDCF  TEF                                 

   Student Flow                                                                 
   Articulation Agreement With Community College                                
   Enrollment Planning                                                          
   College Prep Report                                                          

   Type of student at the time of most recent admission or                      
   readmission to the institution.                                              

   DIAGNOSTIC MESSAGE                                     ERROR LEVEL           
   D, INST NE UF                                          CRITICAL              
   J, 01067 NE FLA PUBLIC CC                              CRITICAL              
   J,01420 W/IN 1YR OF 01051,& 1060 = A OR B              CRITICAL              
   K, INVALID WHEN 01062 NE 511601 & 01053 NE D           CRITICAL              
   L, INST NE UF,FSU,FAMU,FIU                             CRITICAL              
   L,M,D,V,R & 01062 NE 1ST PROF DISC.                    CRITICAL              
   M, INST NE UF,FSU,USF                                  CRITICAL              
   MISSING OR INVALID                                     CRITICAL              
        SDCF    TEF                                                             
   MUST=H IF 01112=N AND 01070=H,S                        CRITICAL              
   NE 01068 & DATE OF ENTRY (01064)                       CRITICAL              
     = DATE MOST RECENT ADM (01420)                                             
   NE 01068 & DATE OF ENTRY (01064)                       CRITICAL              
     IS = REPORTING TERM (01051)                                                
   R, INST NE UF,FAMU                                     CRITICAL              
   T, 01062 NE 512308 & 01053 NE D                        CRITICAL              
   V, INST NE UF                                          CRITICAL              
   01067=FL CC FICE & 01060 = L,U                         WARNING               
     & 01112=H,U,A,C,Z,N,O, 01413 MUST=J                                        
   PROGRAM GENERATED FROM SDCF                            PROGRAM GENERATED     
        HTD     TEF                                                             

CODING INSTRUCTIONS:                                                            
   Type student coded here should reflect the student's most current            
   admission status at the reporting institution.                               
   If the student has been admitted to the university one time, this            
   element will be the same as Type Student at Time of Entry (01068)            
   which is frozen for a student at the time they first register for            
   credit courses regardless of admission.                                      
   If the student took classes for credit the first time as an                  
   unclassified student and later sought and was granted admission              
   as a beginning freshman, this element would reflect the beginning            
   freshman 'B' type.  Type Student at Date of Entry (01068) would              
   remain Unclassified 'N'.                                                     
   If the student was first admitted as a beginning freshman, Type              
   Student at Date of Entry (01068) will always remain beginning                
   freshman 'B'.  If the student left your institution and returned             
   without any other post secondary attendance between the admis-               
   sions this element would also reflect the beginning freshman 'B'             
   type.  If the student had attained an AA degree from a community             
   college or taken more than 12 hours of credit at a community                 
   college then this element would reflect a junior college transfer            
   If a student entered as a beginning freshman 'B' type, Type                  
   Student at Date of Entry will always reflect the 'B'.  If the                
   student is admitted to a graduate program at your university,                
   this element will reflect the type of student at time of admis-              
   sion to the graduate program (G,L,M,D,V,...).                                
   On the Hours to Degree File, this element will be program                    
   generated using the Student Data Course File.                                

TABLE VALUES:                                                                   
   B              Beginner - FTIC                                               
                   First-Time-In-College (less than 12 hours of transfer        
                   credit earned after high school graduation)                  
   H              Dually Enrolled - High School                                 
                   secondary school student, dually enrolled in this            
                   college prior to high school graduation.                     
   E              Early Admit, Prior to High School Graduation                  
   J              Transfer From A Florida Public Community College              
   U              Other Undergraduate Transfer                                  
   G              Graduate                                                      
   L              Law                                                           
   M              Medicine                                                      
   D              Dentistry                                                     
   V              Veterinary Medicine                                           
   R              Pharmacy First Professional                                   
   P              Post Baccalaureate, Non-Degree Seeking Student                
   T              Doctorate of Physical Therapy                                 
   X              External Degree                                               
   K              Doctorate of Nursing Practice                             <   
   N              Unclassified Student                                          
                   not formally admitted and thus is not degree seeking.        

DATABASE INFORMATION:                                                           
   PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: X(1)                                                   
   COLUMN NAME:          RECENT_ADM_TYPE                                        
   SHORT NAME:           RADMTYPE                                               

CREATE-CHANGE DATE:  03/23/07                                                   

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