Description of Data Element 01456

NAME:         Cohort Reporting Category                                         

NUMBER:       01456                                                             

FILES/TABLES: RET                                                               
COMPONENTS:   01413                                                             

   SUS Retention Study                                                          
   Student Right-To-Know Reporting                                              

   A category of reporting defined for a student.  For student-                 
   right-to-know reporting this identifies a student as receiving               
   athletically-related financial aid.                                          

CODING INSTRUCTIONS:                                                            
   For reporting students in sports categories for IPEDS graduation             
   rate reporting use codes 1 though 5.  For SUS retention reporting            
   code up to 35 characters of description to categorize the student            
   in a particular group such as 'College of Education', etc.                   

TABLE VALUES:                                                                   
   1              Football                                                      
   2              Basketball                                                    
   3              Baseball                                                      
   4              Cross-Country/Track                                           
   5              All other sports combined                                     

DATABASE INFORMATION:                                                           
   PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: X(35)                                                  
   COLUMN NAME:          COHORT_CATG                                            
   SHORT NAME:           CATEG                                                  

CREATE-CHANGE DATE:  01/09/97                                                   

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