Description of Data Element 01355

NAME:         Profile Assessment Category                                       

NUMBER:       01355                                                             

FILES/TABLES: ADM   RET   SDCF<                                                 

   Admissions follow-up                                                         

   A code to indicate the reason for admitting this FTIC applicant              
   under FAC 6C-6.002 3(c), Student Profile Assessment.                         

   DIAGNOSTIC MESSAGE                                     ERROR LEVEL           
   INVALID                                                CRITICAL              
        ADM     SDCF <                                                          
   1ST OCCURRENCE CANNOT=BLANK IF 01354 = Y               CRITICAL              
        ADM     SDCF <                                                          
        ADM     SDCF <                                                          

CODING INSTRUCTIONS:                                                            
   A valid code is required for all FTIC students (Final Admission              
   Action (01135=A,P,C,X) who were admitted on the basis of Profile             
   Assessment (Profile Assessment Flag, (01354) = 'Y'). If the                  
   element is coded for non-required applicants, it will be edited              
   for a valid code.                                                            
   Up to three iterations of this code may be used to fully describe            
   the category(ies) used to enroll this student.                               

TABLE VALUES:                                                                   
   F              Family Educational Background                                 
                     First Generation in College - No immediate family          
                     member has attained an Associate or Bachelors degree       
   S              Socioeconomic Status                                          
                     Student has not had educational opportunities              
                     because of low family income and/or social or              
                     cultural background                                        
   G              Graduate of a Low Performing High School                      
                     Student who graduates from a high school where             
                     educational opportunities may be lacking                   
                     (curriculum, advisement, etc.), possibly good grades       
                     but low test scores                                        
   I              International Baccalaureate Program Graduate                  
                     Takes into consideration academic                          
                     rigors of program                                          
   L              Geographic Location                                           
                     Such as inner city, rural areas - combination of           
                     low performing high school and socioeconomic status        
   T              Special Talents                                               
                     Excels in fine and performing arts, athletics,             
                     debate, etc.                                               
   A              Extracurricular Activities                                    
                     Leadership and organizational skills, brings               
                     recognition to high school, displays diverse               
                     involvement, etc.                                          
   B              Community Service                                             
                     Active in community, volunteerism, etc.                    
   C              Work Experience                                               
                     Mainly for non-traditional students who bring life         
                     experience to the classroom setting                        
   D              Family Obligations                                            
                     Students who had to contribute to family finances          
                     and/or provide assistance to the extent it may have        
                     impacted grade point average                               
   E              Class Rank                                                    
                     Students with a high class rank but low GPA or test        
   H              Children of Faculty                                           
   J              Children/Sibling of Alumni                                    
   K              Disability Considerations (6C-6.002(3)(d)                     
                     Disability condition prohibits advancement in one or       
                     more areas of education in which the student is not        
                     majoring. Brings diversity to campus and opportunity       
                     to interact with students who are disabled.                
   M              Foreign Language                                              
                     Spoken in the home - English Language not spoken in        
                     home and hinders full educational development of           
                     student, graduated from high school where English is       
                     a second language.                                         
   N              Good High School Academic Performance                         
                     and/or Test Scores                                         
                     (lacks one or more academic units) - Strong academic       
                     student but educational opportunities may be lacking       
                     at high school or where other activities cause a           
                     lack in academic units                                     
   R              Recommendations                                               
                     Strong recommendations from counselors and teachers        
                     indicating that the student is ready for college           
                     level work but other factors hindered high school          
   Y              Essay                                                         
                     Student essay details the student's background to          
                     bring diversity and other special attributes to the        
                     University.  Normally used with other indicators as        
   O              Other                                                         
                     Other factors exist that would indicate the student        
                     merits special consideration.   These factors must         
                     be described in the submittal document.                    

DATABASE INFORMATION:                                                           
   PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: X(1)                                                   
   COLUMN NAME:          PROFILE_BASIS                                          
   SHORT NAME:           PRFBASIS                                               

CREATE-CHANGE DATE:  08/24/04                                                   

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