Description of Data Element 01480

NAME:         Excess Hours - SUS            <                                   

NUMBER:       01480                                                             

FILES/TABLES: HTD                                                               

   The number of hours taken at any State University System institu-            
   tion that are not used toward the degree.                                    

   DIAGNOSTIC MESSAGE                                     ERROR LEVEL           
   PROGRAM GENERATED                                      PROGRAM GENERATED     

   Excess Hours - SUS (01480) =                                                 
   Total of Student Section Credit (01097)                                      
         where Credit Hour Usage Indicator (01489) equals 'N'                   
         Credit Hour Testing Method (01488) eq 'NN' and                         
         Institutional Code-Course (01482) equals the FICE code for             
         any SUS Institution in Reporting Institution (01045).                  
   minus the Graduate Roll Over Hours (identified in 01485)                     
          where they are not used toward the degree (identified                 
          in 01489).                                                            

DATABASE INFORMATION:                                                           
   PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 9(5)V99  <                                             
   COLUMN NAME:          EXCESS_HOURS_SUS                                       
   SHORT NAME:           EXCSUS                                                 

CREATE-CHANGE DATE:  09/28/99                                                   

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