Description of Data Element 01069

NAME:         High School Code                                                  

NUMBER:       01069                                                             

FILES/TABLES: ADM   CP    RET   SDCF                                            

   Student Progression/Retention                                                
   College Prep Reporting                                                       

   A code by which the high school, if in Florida, can be identified            
   for those students who at their first entry to the institution               
   were coming from a high school.  The code is that used by                    

   DIAGNOSTIC MESSAGE                                     ERROR LEVEL           
   CODE NOT IN TABLE, 01068=B,H,E, OVER 1% TOL.           CRITICAL              
   CODE NOT IN TABLE, 01117=B,H,E                         CRITICAL              
   MISSING OR INVALID                                     CRITICAL              
   NOT=10XXXX,XXXXXX,ZZZZZZ,000000,888888,999999          CRITICAL              
        ADM     SDCF                                                            
   XXXXXX & 01112 NE G,N                                  CRITICAL              
   ZZZZZZ INVALID, 01068=B,H,E                            CRITICAL              
   ZZZZZZ INVALID, 01117=B,H,E                            CRITICAL              
   CODE NOT IN TABLE, 01068=B,H,E                         TOLERANCE             
   NO MATCH ON STUDENT FILE                               WARNING               

CODING INSTRUCTIONS:                                                            
   This element is required only if                                             
   1)  Student's Date of Entry (01064) is more recent than 197309               
   2)  Type of Student at Date of Entry (01068) is B,H or E.                    
   Code the appropriate high school code from those listed in the               
   table values section.  Code 'XXXXXX' may be used for students who            
   received a GED degree which was not associated with a particular             
   high school.  If the student received a GED degree from a Florida            
   institution which appears in the table values section, use the               
   code designated for that institution.  Code '999999' for students            
   who graduated from a Florida high school not listed in the table             
   values or if the school from which the student graduated is                  

TABLE VALUES:                                                                   
   ZZZZZZ         Last Institution Code Other Than 10000                        
   XXXXXX         Did Not Graduate From High School. Or Completed               
                  High school without graduation, or student received           
                  a ged which was not associated with a particular high         
   000000         Student Graduated From A Non-Florida High School              
   888888         Student Completed Home Schooling Program                      
   999999         Student Graduated From A Florida High School Not On           
                  The following list                                            
   100005         Santa Fe High School (Public)                                 
   100007         Central Christian Academy                                     
   100008         Vaishnava Academy                                             
   100009         Altamonte Christian School                                    
   100010         Altha High School (Public)                                    
   100011         Center Academy                                                
   100013         Crenshaw School Perform Arts                                  
   100014         Champion Preparatory Academy                                  
   100017         First Baptist Church Alva Sch                                 
   100025         Apalachicola High School (Public)                             
   100035         Apopka High School (Public)                                   
   100036         Bear Lake Christian School                                    
   100040         De Soto County High School (Public)                           
   100049         Palm Lane Baptist Boarding Academy (Deleted)                  
   100051         Family Life Academy                                           
   100053         Monument Christian Academy                                    
   100055         Auburndale Senior High School (Public)                        
   100056         East Area Adult School (Public)                               
   100057         Bartow Charter School (Public)  (Deleted)                     
   100059         Wesley Christian Academy                                      
   100060         Avon Park High School (Public)                                
   100061         Avon Park Correctional Institution (Public)                   
   100063         Hope Tabernacle Christian School                              
   100064         Walker Memorial Academy                                       
   100065         Baker High School (Public)                                    
   100066         Avon Park Youth Academy (Public)                              
   100067         South Florida Comm Coll Adult School (Public)                 
   100068         Il Savior Academy                                             
   100080         Baldwin High School (Public)                                  
   100082         Horizon Academy (Public)                                      
   100083         Braden River High School (Public)                             
   100085         Bartow Senior High School (Public)                            
   100087         By Faith Academy (Deleted)                                    
   100088         Gause Academy of Leadership (Public)                          
   100089         INTL Baccalaureate School (Public)                            
   100091         Word of Life Christian School                                 
   100095         Bell High School (Public)                                     
   100096         Center Acad High School                                       
   100100         Glade Central High School (Public)                            
   100101         Desoto High School Inc (Public)                               
   100106         Lakeshore Annex Tran School                                   
   100107         Carlstrom Center(Public)                                      
   100108         West Technical Education Center (Public)                      
   100109         Abundant Life Private School                                  
   100111         Belleview High School (Public)                                
   100112         Souls Harbor Christian Academy                                
   100113         Florida Atlantic Univ HS (Public)                             
   100115         Blountstown High School (Public)                              
   100116         Claremont Monterssori School                                  
   100117         Harid Conservatory                                            
   100118         Boca Raton Christian High School (Public)                     
   100119         Boynton Beach Community HS (Public)                           
   100121         New Horizon Academy                                           
   100122         Olympic Heights Community High School (Public)                
   100123         Pope John Paul II High School                                 
   100131         Boca Raton Community High School (Public)                     
   100132         St. Andrews School                                            
   100135         Bethlehem High School (Public)                                
   100136         Spanish River Comm High School (Public)                       
   100139         Faith Evangelistic Academy                                    
   100140         Holmes County High School (Public)                            
   100141         Bayshore High School (Public)                                 
   100142         Bradenton Academy                                             
   100143         Manatee Area Voca Tech Center (Public)                        
   100144         Trails Private School System Inc                              
   100145         Manatee High School (Public)                                  
   100146         Bradenton Christian School                                    
   100147         Nicholson School                                              
   100148         St. Stephens Episcopal School                                 
   100150         Brandon Senior High School (Public)                           
   100152         Brandon Christian Academy                                     
   100154         Integrity Learning Center      (Deleted)                      
   100155         Branford High School (Public)                                 
   100156         Grace Christian School                                        
   100157         Hope Presbyterian School                                      
   100158         Tampa Bay Christian School                                    
   100159         West Manatee Private School                                   
   100160         Edison Academic Center                                        
   100161         Northview High School (Public)                                
   100162         Lakewood Ranch High School (Public)                           
   100163         Grandview Preparoatory School                                 
   100164         Boca Raton Preparatory School                                 
   100165         Liberty County High School (Public)                           
   100166         Blountstown Christian Academy                                 
   100167         South Technical Education CTR (Public)                        
   100168         The Yeshiva High School                                       
   100169         Faith Baptist Christian School                                
   100170         Bronson High School (Public)                                  
   100174         Hernando Co Adult Comm Educ (Public)                          
   100175         Hernando High School (Public)                                 
   100176         Hernando Christian Academy                                    
   100177         Central High School (Public)                                  
   100178         Donna Klien Jewish Academy                                    
   100179         Pendleton School                                              
   100181         Castle Oak Academy                                            
   100182         Academic High School                                          
   100183         Academy HS Boca Raton Campus                                  
   100184         Trails Private School Systems                                 
   100185         Flagler Palm Coast High School (Public)                       
   100186         New Smyrna Christian Academy                                  
   100187         Academy School of Florida, Inc (Deleted)                      
   100188         Providence Community School                                   
   100189         Nature Coase Technical HS (Public)                            
   100191         Academic School For the Arts                                  
   100192         Gospel Baptist Christian School                               
   100193         Safe Harbor Christian School                                  
   100194         West Boca Raton Community High School(Public)                 
   100195         South Sumter High School (Public)                             
   100196         Hilltop Aternative School (Public)                            
   100197         LIFE (Public)                                                 
   100198         Community High School (Public)                                
   100199         Libery County Success Center (Public)                         
   100201         Bowling Green Youth Academy (Public)                          
   100202         West Nassau County High School (Public)                       
   100204         IDA S. Baker High School (Public)                             
   100206         Morningstar School                                            
   100207         Life Skills Center Palm Beach                                 
   100209         Bristol Youth Academey (Public)                               
   100212         Oasis Senior High School                                      
   100213         Shores Christian Academy                                      
   100216         Belz Private School, Inc                                      
   100217         Mariner High School (Public)                                  
   100218         Cape Coral High School (Public)                               
   100220         Carrabelle High School (Public)                               
   100222         Gulf Coast Baptist Academy                                    
   100223         Trinity Presbyterian School                                   
   100225         Cedar Key High School (Public)                                
   100227         Navigator Learning Center                                     
   100228         Celebration High School (Public)                              
   100229         Celebration School (Public)                                   
   100234         Tabernacle Christian Academy                                  
   100240         Chattahoochee High School (Public)                            
   100241         Academy of Environmental Science (Public)                     
   100243         1509-Disc Adolescent Drug Treatment (Deleted)                 
   100244         New Hope Charter School (Public)                              
   100245         Chiefland High School (Public)                                
   100247         East Ridge High School (Public)                               
   100248         Calvary Christian High School                                 
   100249         North Broward Prep Schools                                    
   100251         International Baccalaureate (Public)                          
   100252         Life Improvement Through Education  (Deleted)                 
   100253         Randazzo School                                               
   100254         Palm Harbor University High School (Public)                   
   100255         Chipley High School (Public)                                  
   100256         Allendale Academy                                             
   100258         Clearwater Central Catholic HS                                
   100262         Maranatha Christian Academy                                   
   100264         Countryside High School (Public)                              
   100265         Clearwater High School (Public)                               
   100266         Lakeside Christian School                                     
   100267         Clearwater Evening High School (Public)                       
   100270         South Lake High School (Public)                               
   100273         British Academy (Deleted)                                     
   100274         Eckerd Wilderness Education System (Public)                   
   100275         Clewiston High School (Public)                                
   100276         Clewiston Christian Academy     (Deleted)                     
   100278         First Christian Church School                                 
   100279         Ahfachkee High School                                         
   100280         Indian River Academy                                          
   100282         Cocoa High School (Public)                                    
   100283         Bethel Christian Academy                                      
   100286         Cooper City High School (Public)                              
   100287         Cocoa Beach High School (Public)                              
   100289         Coral Gables Senior High School (Public)                      
   100293         Gulliver Preparatory School                                   
   100298         Academy Community Education (Public)                          
   100299         Coral Springs High School (Public)                            
   100300         Westford Academy                                              
   100301         Taravella J P High School (Public)                            
   100303         Academy High School Coral Spgs                                
   100304         Brevard County Ind Private School                             
   100305         Cottondale High School (Public)                               
   100306         Coral Springs Christian School                                
   100307         Lighthouse Point Academy NBPS                                 
   100308         Coral Springs Charter School                                  
   100309         Continental Academy                                           
   100310         Wakulla High School (Public)                                  
   100311         Wakulla Christian Academy                                     
   100313         Lakeview Academy Private School                               
   100315         Crescent City High School (Public)                            
   100317         Nur Ul Islam Academy                                          
   100319         Stonesoup School                                              
   100321         Citrus Heights Academy                                        
   100322         Clearwater Acadent Intnl                                      
   100323         Live Oak Academy                                              
   100324         Atlantic Tech Center Magnet HS (Public)                       
   100325         Crestview Senior High School (Public)                         
   100326         Crossroads Christian School                                   
   100328         Monarch High School (Public)                                  
   100329         Tall Pine Academy                                             
   100330         Dixie County High School (Public)                             
   100331         Space Coast Junior/Senior HS (Public)                         
   100332         Coral Glades High School (Public)                             
   100334         Okaloosa Youth Academy (Public)                               
   100335         Crystal River High School (Public)                            
   100336         Okaloosa Youth Development CTR  (Public)(Deleted)             
   100337         Gulf Coast Residential Care CT (Public) (Deleted)             
   100338         Red Level Christian Academy                                   
   100339         Gulf Coast Youth Academy (Public)                             
   100341         East Pasco Adventist Academy                                  
   100342         Okaloosa Regl Detention Ctr (Public) (Deleted)                
   100343         College Academy at BCC (Public)                               
   100344         William T Mcfatter Vocational Tec. Center (Public)            
   100345         Pasco Comprehensive High School (Public)                      
   100347         University School of Nova Univ                                
   100348         Academy High School Davie Campus                              
   100351         Daytona Beach Cc Adult H S (Public) (Deleted)                 
   100353         Father Lopez High School                                      
   100355         Mainland Senior High School (Public)                          
   100356         Harvest Christian Academy (Deleted)                           
   100357         Pace Center for Girls  (Public)                               
   100358         Manthano Christian Academy                                    
   100359         Shepherds Christian Academy   (Deleted)                       
   100361         Conservatory Prep Senior High                                 
   100363         Christian Tech Inst/Technology                            <   
   100364         Lawrence Academy Charter HS                                   
   100366         Florida Christian Academy Inc                                 
   100367         Center Academy                                                
   100368         Rivendell Academy                                             
   100369         Richard Milburn Academy (Public)                              
   100370         Seabreeze Senior High School (Public)                         
   100371         Storefront School                                             
   100373         The Rock Church Academy                                       
   100374         Teen Parent East (Public)                                     
   100380         Deerfield Beach High School (Public)                          
   100382         International World School (Deleted)                          
   100383         Franklin County High School (Public)                          
   100384         Zion Lutheran Christian School                                
   100386         Fox Hill Christian Academy                                    
   100388         North American Family Inst                                    
   100390         Walton Senior High School (Public)                            
   100391         Cornerstone Christian Academy                                 
   100393         Deland High School (Public)                                   
   100396         Divine Mercy Academy                                          
   100400         Lighthouse Christian Academy                                  
   100401         Walton County Vo Tech School (Public)                         
   100402         Walton Academy Charter School                                 
   100403         Alternative Education (Public)                                
   100404         Sail Program (Public) (Deleted)                               
   100406         South Pines Academy/Wrec (Public)                             
   100407         Thompson Academy/Wrec (Public)                                
   100408         Broward Intensive Halfway HSE (Public)                        
   100409         Juvenile Detention Center/Wrec (Public)                       
   100415         Atrium School Inc                                             
   100416         Toussaint L'Ouverture Hs Arts (Public)                        
   100417         Delray Full Service Center (Public)                           
   100418         Gold Medal Honors Academy                                     
   100419         Deltona Christian Academy                                     
   100420         Atlantic Community High School (Public)                       
   100422         Pine Ridge High School (Public)                               
   100423         Deltona High School (Public)                                  
   100424         Trinity Christian Academy                                     
   100426         All-Star Academy                                              
   100427         Faith Christian Academy                                       
   100428         Dunedin Senior High School (Public)                           
   100429         Dunedin Academy and Day School                                
   100431         Schiller University Academy                                   
   100432         Southwest Florida Christian Academy                           
   100433         Faith United Home Edu                                         
   100434         Mount Hermon Christian School                                 
   100435         Dunnellon High School (Public)                                
   100436         Lake Region High School (Public)                              
   100438         Eau Gallie High School (Public)                               
   100439         Traviss Vocational Technical Center (Public)                  
   100440         Satellite High School (Public)                                
   100441         Community Christian School                                    
   100442         Lemon Bay High School (Public)                                
   100443         Heritage Christian Academy                                    
   100444         Estero High School (Public)                                   
   100445         Eustis High School (Public)                                   
   100450         Everglades City School (Public)                               
   100451         Victory Christian Academy                                     
   100453         Legacy High School    (Deleted)                               
   100454         Ocean City Christian School                                   
   100456         Open Bible Baptist Church Academy (Deleted)                   
   100457         Eureka Christian Academy                                      
   100458         Abundant Life Ministerial    (Deleted)                        
   100459         Faith Christian Schools (Deleted)                             
   100460         Fernandina Beach High School (Public)                         
   100461         Pine Ridge Center (Public)                                    
   100462         Oxford Academy High School                                    
   100463         Gold Coast Christian Academy (Deleted)                        
   100464         First Assembly Christian Academy                              
   100466         Lake Brantley High School (Public)                            
   100469         Cardinal Gibbons High School                                  
   100472         New Testament Baptist Chr Sch                                 
   100473         Ft. Lauderdale Prep. School                                   
   100475         St. Thomas Aquinas High School                                
   100476         Western High School (Public)                                  
   100477         Crossroads School                                             
   100478         Hollywood Hills High School (Public)                          
   100479         Boyd Anderson High School (Public)                            
   100480         Dillard High School (Public)                                  
   100482         Gene A Whiddon Adult Center (Public)                          
   100489         Ft. Lauderdale Christian School                               
   100490         Ft. Lauderdale High School (Public)                           
   100492         Westminster Academy                                           
   100494         Northeast High School (Public)                                
   100495         Pine Crest School                                             
   100496         Nova High School (Public)                                     
   100497         Plantation High School (Public)                               
   100498         Stranahan High School (Public)                                
   100501         Sunset School (Public)                                        
   100503         Seagull School (Public)                                       
   100504         Lee County Alternative Lrng (Public)                          
   100505         Ft. Meade JR-SR High School (Public)                          
   100506         Belz Private School                                           
   100507         Lee County High Tech Central (Public)                         
   100508         Bishop Verot High School                                      
   100509         Cypress Lake High School (Public)                             
   100510         Riverdale High School (Public)                                
   100511         Canterbury School                                             
   100512         Evangelical Christian School                                  
   100513         North Fort Myers High School (Public)                         
   100515         Fort Myers High School (Public)                               
   100516         Sonshine Christian Academy                                    
   100517         Lords Heritage Christian Sch.                                 
   100518         Bible Baptist School                                          
   100519         Orange Avenue Baptist School                                  
   100520         Fort Pierce Central High School (Public)                      
   100521         Fort Pierce Westwood High School (Public)                     
   100524         Competency Based Adult High Shcool (Public)                   
   100525         Lincoln Park Academy (Public)                                 
   100527         John Carroll High School                                      
   100529         Academy at New Direction (Public)                             
   100530         Lee Adolescent Mothers Program (Public)                       
   100531         Dyanu Independent Private School Systems Inc                  
   100532         Fort Walton Beach High School (Public)                        
   100533         Ft. Walton Christian School                                   
   100534         Gulf Coast Christian School                                   
   100537         Adult High School Program (Public)                            
   100538         Freeport High School (Public)                                 
   100539         Asghsmo Assembly Christian School                             
   100540         Frostproof JR-SR High School (Public)                         
   100541         H I S Royal Christian Academy                                 
   100542         W Travis Loften Educational Center (Public)                   
   100543         Buchholz High School (Public)                                 
   100544         Eastside High School (Public)                                 
   100545         Gainesville High School (Public)                              
   100548         Bethany Christian Academy                                     
   100551         Living Faith Fellowship                                       
   100552         Trilogy School of Learning Alt                                
   100553         Oak Hall Private School                                       
   100554         Gainesville Job Corps Center                                  
   100555         P K Yonge Devl Research Sch (Public)                          
   100556         Countryside Christian School                                  
   100558         Westwood Hills Christian Academy                              
   100559         Windsor Christian Academy                                     
   100560         J.M. Tate High School (Public)                                
   100562         Dayspring Independent Priv School                             
   100563         First Baptist Christian School                                
   100564         the Lighthouse School                                         
   100566         Palm Vista Christian School                                   
   100567         Thorn Crown Chrstn Private School                             
   100568         Heritage Christian School                                     
   100569         Seminole Independent Private School                           
   100570         Graceville High School (Public)                               
   100571         Living Word Christian School (Deleted)                        
   100572         Christian Life Academy                                        
   100573         Rock School, the                                              
   100574         Geneva School                                                 
   100575         Poplar Springs High School (Public)                           
   100576         SouthEast Atlantic Academy                                    
   100577         Archbishop Edward A McCarthy H                                
   100578         Emerald Coadt Christian School                                
   100579         Master's Academy The                                          
   100580         Grand Ridge School (Public)                                   
   100581         Grace Christian School                                        
   100582         Flagler Adult High School (Public)                            
   100583         Faith Baptist School                                          
   100584         Emerald Coast Marine Institute                                
   100585         Clay High School (Public)                                     
   100586         Clay County Community School (Public)                         
   100587         Denicole Private School                                       
   100589         Victory Christian Academy                                     
   100591         Russell Christian Academy                                     
   100592         Fort White High School (Public)                               
   100593         Lake Technical High School (Public)                           
   100594         Dunbar High School (Public)                                   
   100595         Greensboro High School (Public)                               
   100596         Escambia Charter School                                       
   100597         Hibernian Private School                                      
   100598         Richard Milburn Academy HS (Public)                           
   100599         Blue Lake Academy                                             
   100601         Cornerstone Academy                                           
   100602         Calvary Chrisitian Academy                                    
   100603         Broward Virtual Education                                     
   100604         Adolescent Substance Abuse Pro                                
   100606         Park Center Academy (Deleted)                                 
   100607         Holy Temple Christian Academy                                 
   100608         School for Integrated (Public) (Deleted)                      
   100609         South Fort Myers High School (Public)                         
   100611         St. Francis Catholic High School                              
   100612         Alternative Learning Ctr. West (Public)                       
   100617         Southwest FL Chrstn Comm Sch.                                 
   100618         Gulf Breeze High School (Public)                              
   100619         Landmark Christian School                                     
   100620         Haines City Senior High School (Public)                       
   100621         Daniel Jenkins Academy of Technology (Public)                 
   100622         Haines City Literacy and Lrng (Public)                        
   100624         Westside Christian School                                     
   100626         Gadsden Central Academy (Public)                              
   100627         Okaloosa Academy Charter School (Public)                      
   100630         Liberty Baptist Academy                                       
   100632         Dale Cassens School(Public)                                   
   100636         Hallandale High School (Public)                               
   100637         Dunnellon Christian School                                    
   100638         Hallandale Adult Community Center (Public)                    
   100641         Renaissance Center (Public) (Deleted)                         
   100642         Lanier-James Education Center (Public)                        
   100644         Ebenezer Intl Christian Academy                               
   100648         Gadsden Christian Academy                                     
   100649         East Gadsden High School (Public)                             
   100650         Havana Northside High School (Public)                         
   100651         Providence Christian Academy                                  
   100653         Edison Private School                                         
   100655         Hawthorne High School (Public)                                
   100656         Alachua Regnl Marine Insitute (Public)                        
   100657         Colegio Metroplitano                                          
   100659         First Baptist School                                          
   100660         Dade Christian School                                         
   100661         Hialeah High Adult Educ Center (Public)                       
   100662         Hialeah High School (Public)                                  
   100664         Hialeah-Miami Lakes Senior High Sch (Public)                  
   100666         American Senior High School (Public)                          
   100667         Interamerican Christian Academy                               
   100670         Horeb Christian School                                        
   100671         Sheridan Voc Tech Center (Public)                             
   100672         Hollister Christian Academy                                   
   100673         Developmental Resource Center (Public)                        
   100675         Hilliard School (Public)                                      
   100676         Hobe Sound Bible Academy                                      
   100678         Chaminade-Madonna College                                     
   100681         Nowlin Ocean View Private School (Deleted)                    
   100684         Hollywood Christian High School                               
   100686         West Hollywood Private School                                 
   100688         All American Christian Academy                                
   100689         Florida Bible Christian School                                
   100690         South Broward High School (Public)                            
   100691         Sheridan Hills Christian School                               
   100694         Grace Christian School Pasco                                  
   100695         Pathway Christian School                                      
   100700         South Dade High School (Public)                               
   100701         Homestead Senior High School (Public)                         
   100705         Immokalee High School (Public)                                
   100706         Corkscrew Christian Academy                                   
   100707         Island Christian School                                       
   100710         Landmark Baptist School                                       
   100711         Corporate Academy South (Public)                              
   100712         Grace Christian Academy                                       
   100713         South Dade Adult Education Center (Public)                    
   100716         Putnam Banner Private School                                  
   100717         Colony Christian School                                       
   100718         High Springs Academy (Deleted)                                
   100719         Families of Faith Chrt School (Deleted)                       
   100720         Citrus High School (Public)                                   
   100721         Berkshire School                                              
   100722         Little Country School Inc                                     
   100724         Withlacoochee Voc Adult Ed Ctr (Public)                       
   100727         Alexandrian School                                            
   100728         Beulah Beal Young Parents Ctr (Public)                        
   100729         Allen D. Nease High School (Public)                           
   100730         Andrew Jackson Sr High School (Public)                        
   100731         Arlington Country Day School                                  
   100732         Center Academy                                                
   100733         the Atlantic School (Deleted)                                 
   100734         APR Academies of Technology (Public)                          
   100736         Christian Academy of Lecanto                                  
   100737         Calhoun School     (Deleted)                                  
   100738         Crossroad Private School                                      
   100739         Coral Ridge Baptist School                                    
   100740         Bishop Kenny High School                                      
   100741         First Coast High School (Public)                              
   100742         Duval County School Board                                     
   100743         Calvary Chapel Christian Academy                              
   100745         Bolles School The                                             
   100746         Broach School                                                 
   100747         Harvest Christian Academy                                     
   100748         Florida Junior College Kent Campus                            
   100752         Edward H White High School (Public)                           
   100754         Englewood High School (Public)                                
   100757         Florida Cmty Coll Jackson                                     
   100758         Terry Parker High School (Public)                             
   100761         Episcopal High School of Jacksonville                         
   100766         Jacksonville Christian Academy                                
   100767         First Coast Christian School                                  
   100769         Mandarin High School (Public)                                 
   100771         Greenwood School                                              
   100773         Faith Academy                                                 
   100775         Stanton College Prep School (Public)                          
   100777         Seacoast Christian School                                     
   100778         Maxville Christian Academy                                    
   100779         Jacksonville Junior Academy                                   
   100780         Paxon Sch For Advanced Studies (Public)                       
   100781         Providence School                                             
   100783         Jean Ribault Sr High School (Public)                          
   100785         Robert E Lee Sr High School (Public)                          
   100787         Sandalwood Senior High School (Public)                        
   100788         Trinity Christian Academy                                     
   100791         Douglas Anderson School Academy (Public)                      
   100792         Grand Park Career Center (Public)                             
   100793         University Christian School                                   
   100794         True Bread Christian Academy                                  
   100796         William M. Raines SR High School 165 (Public)                 
   100798         Nathan B. Forrest SR High School (Public)                     
   100799         Samuel W. Wolfson SR HS 224 (Public)                          
   100800         D. U. Fletcher High School (Public)                           
   100801         Victory Christian Academy                                     
   100802         Frank H Peterson Acad Tech (Public)                           
   100803         West Meadows Christian Academy                                
   100804         Foundation School the                                         
   100805         Hamilton County High School (Public)                          
   100806         Pablo Academy                                                 
   100807         King's Christian Academy                                      
   100808         Jacksonville Christian Ctr Academy                            
   100809         Bartram Trail High School (Public)                            
   100811         Agape Christian School                                        
   100812         Horizon New Pathways (Public)                                 
   100813         Regional Detention Center                                     
   100814         Victory Christian Academy                                     
   100815         Jay High School (Public)                                      
   100817         Sidney Lanier (Public)                                        
   100819         Bishop John J. Synder HS                                      
   100821         Batt Learning Center                                          
   100822         Eagles View Academy                                           
   100823         Juno Beach Preparatory School                                 
   100824         Jupiter Christian School                                      
   100825         Jupiter Community Senior H S (Public)                         
   100826         Jupiter Farms Community Christian School                      
   100827         Freedom School                                                
   100828         Maville Christian Academy  (Deleted)                          
   100829         Families of Faith Chrn Academy                                
   100830         Kathleen Senior High School (Public)                          
   100831         Eunice Christian School Duval Co.                             
   100832         Success Academy                                               
   100833         Keystone Heights High School (Public)                         
   100834         Morningstar Christian School                                  
   100836         Trinity Christian Academy                                     
   100837         Potter's House Chrisitian Academy                             
   100838         Mater Academy Charter Mid/High School(Public)                 
   100839         School of Success Academy HS                                  
   100842         Osceola County School For Arts (Public)                       
   100843         Youth Development Center (Public)                             
   100844         Crossroads Christian School                                   
   100845         Key West High School (Public)                                 
   100846         Jensen Beach High School (Public)                             
   100847         Harmony High School (Public)                                  
   100848         Batt Private School                                           
   100849         Cross Creek School (Public)                                   
   100851         New Dimensions High School                                    
   100853         El-Shaddai Christian School Inc                               
   100854         Heartland Preparatory School                                  
   100856         Gateway High School (Public)                                  
   100857         Heritage Christian School                                     
   100860         Osceola High School (Public)                                  
   100861         Poinciana High School (Public)                                
   100862         North Kissimmee Christian School                              
   100863         Southland Christian School                                    
   100864         Professional & Tech HS (Paths) (Public)                       
   100865         La Belle High School (Public)                                 
   100866         Life Academy                                                  
   100869         Lake Alfred Career Dev Center (Public)                        
   100870         Union County High School (Public)                             
   100872         School Intergrated Acad-Tech                                  
   100874         Coastal Middle Senior High School                             
   100875         Columbia High School (Public)                                 
   100877         Joy Explosion Christian Academy                               
   100879         Lake City Christian Academy                                   
   100881         Lake Mary Preparatory School                                  
   100883         Lake Mary High School (Public)                                
   100886         Evangel Christian School  (Deleted)                           
   100887         West Area Adult School (Public)                               
   100888         Lakeland Christian School                                     
   100889         Lake Gibson Senior High School                                
   100890         Lakeland Senior High School (Public)                          
   100891         Harrison Ctr Visual Prfmg (Public)                            
   100893         Pathway Christian Academy                                     
   100894         George Jenkins High School (Public)                           
   100896         Mckeel Academy  (Public)                                      
   100897         Santa Fe Catholic Regional HS                                 
   100898         Temple Christian School                                       
   100899         Driftwood Academy                                             
   100900         Lake Placid High School (Public)                              
   100901         American Heritage Private School                              
   100902         New Life Christian Academy (Deleted)                          
   100903         Sonrise Christian School                                      
   100904         Vanguard School                                               
   100905         Lake Wales High School (Public)                               
   100907         Community School                                              
   100909         New Life Christian School         (Deleted)                   
   100911         Cornerstone Christian Academy                                 
   100912         Greenacres Christian Academy                                  
   100913         John I. Leonard High School (Public)                          
   100914         South Area High School (Public) (Deleted)                     
   100915         Lake Worth High School (Public)                               
   100916         Lake Worth Christian School                                   
   100917         Trinity Christian Academy                                     
   100918         Santaluces Community High School (Public)                     
   100919         Calvary Baptist Christian Acad                                
   100921         Kentwood Preparatory School (Public)                          
   100922         Academy at the Lakes Day School                               
   100923         Heritage Christian Academy                                    
   100924         Land O Lakes High School (Public)                             
   100925         Largo Senior High School (Public)                             
   100927         Pinellas Park Senior High School (Public)                     
   100928         Seminole Senior High School (Public)                          
   100930         Laurel Hill School (Public)                                   
   100936         Upper Room Christian Academy                                  
   100938         White Stone School                                            
   100940         Leesburg High School (Public)                                 
   100941         Indian Rock Christian School                                  
   100942         Lehigh Senior High School (Public)                            
   100943         First Bapt of Lawtey Chrn Acad                                
   100944         Lecanto High School (Public)                                  
   100946         Seven Rivers Christian School                                 
   100947         Cypress Creek Academy (Public)                                
   100948         Steppin-Stone Academy                                         
   100949         Gabriel's School Inc                                          
   100951         Melody Christian Academy                                      
   100952         Tabernacle Baptist School                                     
   100953         Star Charter School                                           
   100954         Tampa Ed Acad Christian Heritage                              
   100955         Suwannee Senior High School (Public)                          
   100956         Gunnery Road Christian Academy                                
   100957         Newsome High School (Public)                                  
   100959         First Academy                                                 
   100960         Lyman High School (Public)                                    
   100961         P A C E                                                       
   100962         Brookstone School                                             
   100964         Southwide Academy                                             
   100965         Baker County High School (Public)                             
   100966         Emmanuel Christian Academy (Deleted)                          
   100968         Mount Leverna Academy  (Deleted)                              
   100969         Palm Bay Christian Academy                                    
   100971         Lighthouse Christian Academy                                  
   100973         Smart School Inst of Tech and Comm                            
   100974         RFM Christian Home School Acad                                
   100976         Life Skills Center Polk County                                
   100977         Crossroads Christian Academy (Deleted)                        
   100978         Doral Academy Charter HS                                      
   100979         Educational Alter Outreach Prg (Public) (Deleted)             
   100980         Madison County High School (Public)                           
   100981         University High School (Deleted)                              
   100983         Dayspring Christian Academy                                   
   100985         Forest Lake Academy                                           
   100986         Lake Howell High School (Public)                              
   100987         Woodland Hall Academy                                         
   100989         Orangewood Christian School                                   
   100990         Malone High School (Public)                                   
   100991         Miami Lakes Educ Center/HS Div                                
   100992         Faith Fellowship Academy                                      
   100993         Marathon High School (Public)                                 
   100994         Archbishop Carroll High School                                
   100997         Adult Education Center (Public)                               
   100998         Independent Chapel School (Deleted)                           
   100999         Jackson Acad Applied Tech (Public) (Deleted)                  
   101001         Ebenezer Christian Academy                                    
   101002         Marianna High School (Public)                                 
   101003         Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy                                
   101004         Felix Varela Senior High School  (Public)                     
   101006         School for Advanced Studies -Wolfson (Public)                 
   101007         West Melbourne Chrn Academy                                   
   101008         Gettysburg Academy of Miami (Deleted)                         
   101009         West Shore Jr/Sr High School (Public)                         
   101011         Washington County School Program                              
   101012         Gulliver Sch Pinecrest Campus                                 
   101013         Baypoint Schools                                              
   101014         Community Christian School                                    
   101015         Layfayette High School (Public)                               
   101016         Berea Baptist Church Day School                               
   101017         Brevard Christian School                                      
   101018         Central Catholic High School                                  
   101019         Eda Academy                                                   
   101020         Florida Air Academy                                           
   101022         New Covenant Christian School                                 
   101023         Seaside Christian Academy                                     
   101024         Miami Union Academy                                           
   101025         Melbourne High School (Public)                                
   101026         Palm Bay High School (Public)                                 
   101029         Calusa Prep School                                            
   101030         Interlachen High School (Public)                              
   101031         Merritt Island High School (Public)                           
   101032         Miami Country Day School                                      
   101033         Merritt Island High School                                    
   101040         Archbishop Curley High School                                 
   101041         C O P E Center South (Public)                                 
   101047         Carrollton Sacred Heart                                       
   101048         Christopher Columbus High School                              
   101052         Florida Christian School                                      
   101055         Palmer School                                                 
   101057         Greater Miami Academy                                         
   101059         Belen Jesuit Prep School                                      
   101061         La Salle High School                                          
   101062         Miami Central Senior High School (Public)                     
   101063         Miami Christian School                                        
   101064         Miami Edison Senior High School (Public)                      
   101066         Lindsey Hopkins Education Center (Public)                     
   101067         Miami Coral Park Senior High School (Public)                  
   101068         Miami Jackson Senior High School (Public)                     
   101069         Miami Killian Senior High School (Public)                     
   101073         Miami Norland Senior High School (Public)                     
   101074         Birto Miami Private School                                    
   101075         Miami Senior High School (Public)                             
   101078         C O P E Center North (Public)                                 
   101081         Champagnat Catholic School                                    
   101084         Progresiva Presbyterian School                                
   101085         Miami Northwestern Senior High Sch (Public)                   
   101087         Miami Southridge Senior High Sch (Public)                     
   101088         Northwest Christian Academy (Deleted)                         
   101089         Miami Sunset Senior High School (Public)                      
   101095         Ransom Everglades School                                      
   101097         St. Brendan High School                                       
   101101         South Miami Senior High School (Public)                       
   101102         Southwest Miami High School (Public)                          
   101104         Atlantis Academy                                              
   101105         Westminster Christian School                                  
   101106         Yale School                                                   
   101109         Westwood Christian High School    (Deleted)                   
   101111         Miami-Macarthur North  (Public)                               
   101112         Miami-Macarthur South  (Public)                               
   101116         Rabbi A S Gross Hebrew Academy                                
   101117         Miccosukee Indian School                                      
   101118         Mesivta High School                                           
   101119         Landow Yeshiva/Lubavtch Educ Ctr                              
   101122         Alexander Muss Hs In Isreal                                   
   101124         Grace Baptist Academy                                         
   101126         Jesus Fellowship Christian School                             
   101127         Beth Jacob of Greater Miami                                   
   101131         Our Lady of Lourdes Academy                                   
   101137         Vann Academy                                                  
   101139         New World School of the Arts (Public)                         
   101140         Miami Beach Senior High School (Public)                       
   101141         Il Savior Academy                                             
   101142         Covenant Teaching Fellowship                                  
   101143         School for Advanced Studies (Public)                          
   101146         Yeshiva Torah Chaim                                           
   101147         Miami Springs Senior High School (Public)                     
   101150         Central High School (Public)                                  
   101152         Middleburg High School (Public)                               
   101153         G Holmes Braddock SR High School (Public)                     
   101154         Design & Architecture SR High School (Public)                 
   101156         Holly Cross Academy  (Deleted)                                
   101159         Dade County Public School Cor                                 
   101161         Mast Academy  (Public)                                        
   101162         Corporate Academy (Public)                                    
   101164         Trinity Satellite Baptist School                              
   101165         Milton High School (Public)                                   
   101166         Christian Life Learning Center                                
   101167         Open Door School                                              
   101171         Santa Rosa Christian School                                   
   101172         Miramar High School (Public)                                  
   101173         Aucilla Christian Academy                                     
   101176         Santa Rosa Adult School (Public)                              
   101177         West Florida Baptist Academy                                  
   101178         D A Dorsey Educational Center (Public)                        
   101179         School Advanced Studies/South (Public)                        
   101180         Jefferson County High School (Public)                         
   101182         Robert Morgan Voc Tech Inst (Public)                          
   101184         William H Turner Tech Arts HS (Public)                        
   101185         Montverde Academy                                             
   101186         Miami Lakes Christian Academy                                 
   101187         American Academy                                              
   101188         Christian Family Academy                                      
   101190         Moore Haven JR-SR High School (Public)                        
   101191         Barbara Goleman High School (Public)                          
   101193         Wade Christian Academy                                        
   101194         School for Applied Technology (Public)                        
   101196         Lincoln-Marti Schools                                         
   101197         Solid Rock Christian School                                   
   101198         Christian Home and Bible School                               
   101199         Coral Reef Senior High School (Public)                        
   101200         Mount Dora High School (Public)                               
   101203         Robert F. Munroe High School                                  
   101204         Mulberry Christian School (Deleted)                       <   
   101205         Mulberry Senior High School (Public)                          
   101206         Community School of Naples                                    
   101207         Barron Collier High School (Public)                           
   101210         Naples High School (Public)                                   
   101211         Seagate Christian School                                      
   101212         Lely High School (Public)                                     
   101214         St. John Neumann High School                                  
   101215         Newberry High School (Public)                                 
   101216         Enoch Christian School                                        
   101217         Molino Christian School (Deleted)                             
   101218         Genesis Middle & High School                                  
   101219         River Ridge High School (Public)                              
   101220         Gulf High School (Public)                                     
   101222         Hudson High School (Public)                                   
   101224         Ridgewood High School (Public)                                
   101227         Fellowship Baptist Academy                                    
   101230         New Smyrna Beach Senior High School (Public)                  
   101232         Niceville Senior High School  (Public)                        
   101233         Rocky Bayou Christian School                                  
   101234         Hillel Comm Jewish High School                                
   101235         North Miami Senior High School (Public)                       
   101236         North Miami Beach Senior High School (Public)                 
   101237         New Testament Baptist School                                  
   101239         the Benjamin School                                           
   101241         North Dade Christian School                                   
   101243         Airport Baptist School                                        
   101244         Temple Baptist School                                         
   101245         Allison Academy                                               
   101246         Outreach Christian School (Deleted)                           
   101247         South Florida International Academy (Deleted)                 
   101248         Cypress Creek High School (Public)                            
   101254         Ocala Christian Academy                                       
   101257         St. John Lutheran High School                                 
   101258         Forest High School (Public)                                   
   101259         Vanguard High School (Public)                                 
   101261         Marion Christian Academy                                      
   101264         Orange Park Christian Academy                                 
   101266         Eckerd Foundation Youth Dev Ct                                
   101267         Berean Christian Academy                                      
   101268         Oldsmar Christian School                                      
   101269         Miami Carol City Sr High Sch (Public)                         
   101270         Okeechobee High School (Public)                               
   101271         Monsignor Edward Pace High School                             
   101274         Orange Park High School (Public)                              
   101275         St. Johns Country Day School                                  
   101277         Heritage Christian Academy                                    
   101278         Hiawassee Christian Academy                                   
   101279         Dr Phillips High School (Public)                              
   101281         Northstar High School                                         
   101282         Baptist Temple School                                         
   101284         Downey Christian School                                       
   101285         Bishop Moore High School                                      
   101286         Faith Christian School (Deleted)                              
   101287         Colonial High School (Public)                                 
   101288         Central Florida Academy Inc                                   
   101289         Conway Christian Prep School                                  
   101290         Edgewater High School (Public)                                
   101291         Eastland Christian School                                     
   101293         Luther High School                                            
   101294         Lake Highland Prep School                                     
   101295         Jones High School (Public)                                    
   101296         Mid-Florida Techincal Inst (Public) (Deleted)                 
   101297         Maynard Evans High School (Public)                            
   101298         Oak Ridge High School (Public)                                
   101300         Orlando Vocational Tech Center (Public)                       
   101301         Magnolia School (Public)                                      
   101302         Adult General Education                                       
   101303         Pine Hill Christian Academy                                   
   101306         Circle Christian School                                       
   101307         Heritage Preparatory School                                   
   101308         Fellowship & Faith House Hope                                 
   101309         Univ High School (Public)                                     
   101310         William R. Boone High School (Public)                         
   101313         Calvary Christian Academy                                     
   101315         Oviedo High School (Public)                                   
   101316         First Academy                                                 
   101317         Glades Day School                                             
   101319         Pace High School (Public)                                     
   101320         Pahokee Middle-Senior High School                             
   101321         School of Choice (Public) (Deleted)                           
   101322         Edgewood Ranch                                                
   101327         Sonlight Christian Academy (Deleted)                          
   101328         Alternative Educ Centers-Ocps (Public)                        
   101329         Citizens High School                                          
   101330         Palatka High School (Public)                                  
   101331         Muslim Academy Central Florida                                
   101332         Temple Christian School                                       
   101333         Victory Christian Academy                                     
   101334         American Christian Academy                                    
   101336         Fellowship Christian Academy                                  
   101337         Ad Harris High School (Public)                                
   101338         William T Dwyer High School (Public)                          
   101339         Troywood Learning Environment                                 
   101341         Palm Beach Gardens High School (Public)                       
   101344         Palm Beach Preparatory School (Deleted)                       
   101345         Palm Coast Christian School                                   
   101347         Covenant Christian School                                     
   101348         Marjory Stoneman Douglas (Public)                             
   101349         Lighthouse Christian School                                   
   101351         Rock School (Deleted)                                         
   101352         Palmetto High School (Public)                                 
   101355         Bay High School (Public)                                      
   101356         Charlie Fowler Christian School (Deleted)                     
   101357         A. Crawford Mosley High School (Public)                       
   101358         Panama City Christian School                                  
   101359         Tom P Haney Technical HS                                      
   101361         Rutherford High School (Public)                               
   101362         Paxton High School (Public)                                   
   101365         Pensacola Catholic High School                                
   101366         East Hill Christian High School                               
   101367         Anchor Academy                                                
   101371         Escambia High School (Public)                                 
   101374         Pensacola Christian High School                               
   101375         Pensacola High School  (Public)                               
   101376         Pensacola School Liberal Arts                                 
   101377         Gulf Coast Christian Academy   (Deleted)                      
   101378         Abeka Correspondence School                                   
   101379         Aletheia Christian Academy                                    
   101380         Adult High School                                             
   101381         Pine Forest High School (Public)                              
   101382         Beggs Educational Center (Public) (Deleted)                   
   101383         Abundant Life Christian Academy  (Deleted)                    
   101384         American Christian Academy (Deleted)                          
   101388         A Beka Video Home School                                      
   101389         Good News Academy                                             
   101390         Booker T. Washington High School (Public)                     
   101391         Community Education Center (Public)                           
   101393         W. J. Woodham High School (Public)                            
   101394         Eastside Charistian Academy                                   
   101396         Shepherd's Academy                                            
   101397         Peniel Baptist Academy                                        
   101399         Academy Helps High School                                     
   101400         Living Faith Academy  (Deleted)                               
   101401         Lake Rose Christian Academy                                   
   101402         Pinellas Park Christian Academy                               
   101403         Covenant Christian School                                     
   101404         Jubilee Christian Academy                                     
   101405         Taylor County High School (Public)                            
   101406         Center Academy                                                
   101407         Bible Baptist School   (Deleted)                              
   101408         First Baptist Christian School                                
   101409         Grace Christian School                                        
   101410         T. Dewitt Taylor JR-SR High Sch (Public)                      
   101411         Nina Harris Student Educ Ctr (Public)                         
   101413         South Plantation High School (Public)                         
   101414         Broward Christian School                                      
   101416         Pinellas Park Christian School                                
   101417         Fireside Christian Academy                                    
   101418         Fellowship Christian Academy  (Deleted)                       
   101419         Pine Castle Christian Academy                                 
   101420         Plant City High School (Public)                               
   101422         American Heritage School Plantation                           
   101423         Durant Senior High School (Public)                            
   101424         Charles W Flangan High School (Public)                        
   101425         Panama City Advanced School                                   
   101426         Redeemer Christian Academy                                    
   101427         Pompano Multi-Purpose Ed  (Public)                            
   101428         Americana Prep School                                         
   101429         Lighthouse Point Academy                                      
   101430         Ely High School (Public)                                      
   101433         Coconut Creek High School (Public)                            
   101434         Highlands Christian Academy                                   
   101435         Ponce De Leon High School (Public)                            
   101436         Port Charlotte High School (Public)                           
   101437         Spruce Creek High School (Public)                             
   101438         New Challenge School (Public)  (Deleted)                      
   101439         Covenant Christian Academy                                    
   101440         Port St. Joe High School (Public)                             
   101441         Port St Lucie High School (Public)                            
   101442         Faith Christian School                                        
   101443         Atlantic High School (Public)                                 
   101444         Charlotte Vocational Tech Center (Public)                     
   101445         Adult & Community Educ Center (Public)                        
   101446         Light of the World Chrstn                                     
   101447         Princeton Christian School                                    
   101448         Port Charlotte Christian School                               
   101449         New Hope Chrisitan School                                     
   101450         Charlotte High School (Public)                                
   101451         Calvary Christian Academy (Deleted)                           
   101452         Parents Cooperative School                                    
   101453         Palm Harbor Preparatory                                       
   101454         Academy Biblical Character Dev                                
   101455         American Academy                                              
   101456         Gold Coast Corporate Academy (Public)(Deleted)                
   101457         Tampa Bay Academy                                             
   101459         South Hllsbrgh Full Gspl Chr                                  
   101460         James A. Shanks High School (Public)                          
   101461         Providence Christian School                                   
   101462         Ruskin Christian School                                       
   101463         Adult Education Center (Public)                               
   101464         the Di Bacco School Inc                                       
   101465         North Marion High School (Public)                             
   101466         Suncoast High Community School (Public)                       
   101467         Inlet Grove Community High School (Public)                    
   101468         Rockledge High School (Public)                                
   101469         Florida School for the Deaf (Public)                          
   101470         St. Augustine High School (Public)                            
   101471         Florida School for the Blind (Public)                         
   101472         Shiloh Christian Academy                                      
   101473         Mill Creek Baptist Christian                                  
   101474         Faith Christian Academy                                       
   101475         Pace Center for Girls/Orange (Public)                         
   101476         Matanzas Academy                                              
   101477         Evelyn Hamblen Center (Public)                                
   101479         St. Augustine Technical Center                                
   101480         St. Joseph Academy                                            
   101484         White Sands Private School (Deleted)                          
   101485         St. Cloud High School (Public)                                
   101486         Our Fathers House Academy                                     
   101487         Grace Chrn School Alachua Cnty                                
   101488         Faith Christian School                                        
   101489         Community Christian School                                    
   101490         Whispering Pines School (Public)                              
   101491         All Nations Academy                                           
   101492         R J Hendley Christian Educ Ctr                                
   101493         Royal Palm Beach High School (Public)                         
   101494         Navarre High School (Public)                                  
   101495         Admiral Farragut Academy                                      
   101496         Career Academy, the                                           
   101497         Morningside Academy                                           
   101498         Orlando Christian Preparatory                                 
   101499         Faith Baptist Academy (Deleted)                               
   101500         Educ Ctr at Miami Lakes                                       
   101501         Calvary Christian School                                      
   101502         Olivet Private School                                         
   101503         Golden Rule Christian School                                  
   101504         Canterbury School of Florida                                  
   101505         Boca Ciega Senior High School (Public)                        
   101507         Dixie Hollins High School (Public)                            
   101508         Dixie Hollins Education Center (Public) (Deleted)             
   101509         Keswick Christian School                                      
   101510         Gibbs Senior High School (Public)                             
   101511         Intntl Baccalaureate Program (Public)                         
   101512         New Creation Academy                                          
   101513         Ocala Baptist Temple Academy                                  
   101514         Ridgeview High School (Public)                                
   101515         Center Advanced Technologies (Public)                         
   101516         Lakewood Senior High School (Public)                          
   101517         Center for Wellness & Med Prof                                
   101518         Tomlinson Adult Learning Ctr (Public)                         
   101520         Northeast High School (Public)                                
   101521         Northside Christian School                                    
   101522         The Winston Academy (Deleted)                                 
   101523         St. Petersburg Catholic High School                           
   101525         Pembroke Pines Charter  High School                           
   101526         Redeemer Christian Academy                                    
   101527         Wilford Woodruff Academy                                      
   101528         Riverview Senior High School (Public)                         
   101529         Truth Academy                                                 
   101530         St. Petersburg SR. High School (Public)                       
   101531         International Christian Academy (Deleted)                     
   101532         David Posnack Hebrew Day School                               
   101534         Thom Howard Academy                                           
   101535         Techworld Public Charter School (Public)                      
   101536         Booker T. Washington Senior HS (Public)                       
   101537         Westland School (Deleted)                                     
   101538         North Lauderdale Academy HS (Public) (Deleted)                
   101539         Omega (Public)                                                
   101540         Gulf Coast High School (Public)                               
   101541         Florida Virtual School (Public)                               
   101542         St Lucy West Centennial HS (Public)                           
   101543         Southeast High School (Public)                                
   101544         Barnabas Private School                                       
   101545         Dr Micheal M Krop Sr High School (Public)                     
   101546         Better Living Academy (Deleted)                               
   101548         Florida International Academy (Public)                        
   101549         Elfers Christian School                                       
   101550         Pompano Beach Institute (Public)                              
   101552         Ocala Word of Faith Academy                                   
   101553         Grace Christian Academy                                       
   101554         Community Christian Academy                                   
   101555         Adult High School Diploma Prog                                
   101556         Active Learning Academy Inc. (Deleted)                        
   101557         Crooms High School (Public)  (Deleted)                        
   101558         JMJ Academy                                                   
   101559         Precision School                                              
   101560         J W Mitchell High School (Public)                             
   101561         Liberty Christian School                                      
   101565         Seminole High School (Public)                                 
   101566         Seminole Trinity Christian School                             
   101569         Easter Seals Acad Applied Trn (Public)                        
   101570         Booker HS/Visual Perf Arts Ctr (Public)                       
   101571         Fielding Academy (Deleted)                                    
   101572         Cardinal Mooney High School                                   
   101573         Cyesis Teen Parent Program (Public)                           
   101575         Pompano Lighthouse Acad Christian  (Deleted)                  
   101577         Pine View School (Public)                                     
   101579         Out of Door Academy High School                               
   101580         The Prew Academy                                              
   101581         Shepherd's Hill Christian School                              
   101582         Potter S Wheel Academy                                        
   101583         Riverview High School (Public)                                
   101585         Sarasota High School (Public)                                 
   101586         West Florida Christian School                                 
   101587         Sarasota Christian School                                     
   101588         West Coast School of Human Development                        
   101589         The River School (Deleted)                                    
   101590         Sebastian River High School (Public)                          
   101591         Brickhouse Academy                                            
   101592         Bayside High School (Public)                                  
   101593         Desert Academy                                                
   101594         Hartland Christian School                                     
   101595         Sebring High School (Public)                                  
   101596         Armwood High School (Public)                                  
   101597         Osceola High School (Public)                                  
   101598         Comm Christian School                                         
   101599         Heritage Private School                                       
   101600         Seffner Christian Academy                                     
   101601         Pedro Menendez High School (Public)                           
   101602         Academy Biblical Character Dev (Deleted)                      
   101603         St Johns Academy                                              
   101604         Lighthouse Chrisitain Academy  (Deleted)                      
   101605         Choctawhatchee Senior High School (Public)                    
   101606         Christian International Academy                               
   101607         J R Arnold High School (Public)                               
   101608         Okaloosa-Walton CC Charter HS                                 
   101609         Emmanuel Christian School (Deleted)                           
   101610         Christian Heritage Academy                                    
   101611         Liberty High School                                           
   101612         Faith Baptist Church Christian Sch (Deleted)                  
   101613         North Port High School(Public)                                
   101614         Christian Inst Arts & Sciences                                
   101615         Sneads High School (Public)                                   
   101616         Trinity Catholic High School                                  
   101617         Victory Christian Academy                                     
   101618         Family Tree Private School                                    
   101619         Internation Learning Academy                                  
   101622         Warner Christian Academy                                      
   101623         Miami Palmetto Senior High School (Public)                    
   101624         F. W. Springstead High School (Public)                        
   101625         Bradford County High School (Public)                          
   101626         Shaw Adult Center (Public)                                    
   101627         Bible Baptist Christian Academy  (Deleted)                    
   101628         Glenhaven Academy  (Deleted)                                  
   101629         Spring Hill Christian Academy                                 
   101630         West Hernando Christian School                                
   101632         Wider Horizons School                                         
   101633         Carousel Learning Center                                      
   101634         Cambridge Academy                                             
   101635         Martin County High School (Public)                            
   101636         Community Christian School                                    
   101637         South Fork High School (Public)                               
   101639         Spectrum JR-SR High School (Public)                           
   101641         Timber Creek High School (Public)                             
   101642         Sabal Palm School                                             
   101643         Victory Christian Academy   (Deleted)                         
   101645         Lake Weir High School (Public)                                
   101646         Piper High School (Public)                                    
   101647         Victory Christian School  (Deleted)                           
   101648         Alfred B. Maclay JR. Day School                               
   101650         Florida A & M Dev Research School (Public)                    
   101651         Center for Community Education                                
   101652         Amos P. Godby High School (Public)                            
   101654         Lawton Chiles High School (Public)                            
   101655         West Port High School (Public)                                
   101656         Olympia High School (Public)                                  
   101657         Alternative Education 110                                     
   101658         Educational Alt Outreach Prog (Public)                        
   101659         Florida Preparatory Academy                                   
   101660         Community Christian School                                    
   101661         Home Education Foundation                                     
   101662         Christian Victory Academy Ctrl Fl                             
   101663         Rickards High School (Public)                                 
   101665         Leon High School (Public)                                     
   101666         Mal Foundation Inc                                            
   101668         Crossroads Christian Academy                                  
   101669         Horizon Educational Systems (Deleted)                         
   101670         Teenage Parent Program(Tapp) (Public)                         
   101671         Lincoln High School (Public)                                  
   101672         Second Chance (Public)                                        
   101673         Shepard Academy                                               
   101674         Maranatha Christian Academy                                   
   101675         Lively Area Vocational Tech Center (Public)(Deleted)          
   101676         Florida State Univ High School (Public)                       
   101677         North Florida Christian School                                
   101678         Sail (Public)                                                 
   101680         Academy of the Holy Names High School                         
   101682         Adult & Cmty Education Center (Public)                        
   101683         Bayshore Christian School                                     
   101684         Academic Achievement Center                                   
   101686         the Berkeley Prep School                                      
   101687         Ethline R Williams Prep School                                
   101689         Bay View Christian School                                     
   101690         John Paul II Catholic High School                             
   101691         Bishop-Eton School                                            
   101692         Chamberlain High School (Public)                              
   101693         Citrus Park Christian School                                  
   101694         Faith Outreach Christian School                               
   101696         Gospel Assembly Christian School                              
   101699         Grace Christian School                                        
   101700         H. B. Plant High School (Public)                              
   101702         Achieve Education Center                                      
   101703         Adult High School (Public) (Deleted)                          
   101704         Hillsborough Baptist School                                   
   101705         Hillsborough High School (Public)                             
   101706         Hope Christian School                                         
   101707         Islamic Academy of Florida                                    
   101708         Lincoln Learning Lab                                          
   101709         Lee Academy Academically Gifted                               
   101710         Thomas Jefferson High School (Public)                         
   101711         New Hope School                                               
   101712         Universal Academy of Florida                                  
   101714         Braulio Alonso High School (Public)                           
   101715         Jesuit High School                                            
   101716         Center Academy                                                
   101717         C. Leon King High School (Public)                             
   101718         Leto Comprehensive High School (Public)                       
   101719         Living Water Academy  (Deleted)                               
   101721         Miracle Temple Christian School                               
   101722         Palmer Prep School (Deleted)                                  
   101723         Seminole Presbyterian High                                    
   101726         Riverhills Christian School (Deleted)                         
   101727         Tampa Baptist Academy                                         
   101728         T. R. Robinson High School (Public)                           
   101729         Tampa Prep School                                             
   101731         Tampa Catholic High School                                    
   101732         Tampa Bay Area Voc-Tech HS (Public)                           
   101733         Temple Heights Christian School                               
   101734         Town N Country Christian Acad                                 
   101735         Tarpon Springs Senior High School (Public)                    
   101737         West Gate Christian School                                    
   101738         Vivian Gaither High School (Public)                           
   101739         East Lake High School (Public)                                
   101740         Tavares High School (Public)                                  
   101741         Tavares Christian School                                      
   101742         Liberty Christian Academy                                     
   101743         Morningstar Private School                                    
   101744         Praise Tabernacle Christian School                            
   101745         Coral Shores High School (Public)                             
   101746         Victory Christian Academy                                     
   101747         Pepin Academy                                                 
   101749         Florida Christian Academy                                     
   101750         Howard W Blake High School (Public)                           
   101751         Paul R Wharton High School (Public)                           
   101752         Walter L Sickles High School (Public)                         
   101753         Port Saint John Christian Acad                                
   101754         American Academy High School                                  
   101755         Christian Education Academy                                   
   101756         Parkway Academy at BCC Miramar                                
   101757         Temple Christian School                                       
   101758         Titusville Astronaut High School (Public)                     
   101759         Titusville Chritian School                                    
   101760         Titusville High School (Public)                               
   101762         Northside Baptist School                                      
   101763         Lighthouse Christian School                                   
   101764         Juvenile Justice Center School (Public)                       
   101765         Middleton High School (Public)                                
   101766         Manatee School for the Arts (Public)                          
   101767         Trenton High School (Public)                                  
   101768         One Accord Christian Academy                                  
   101769         Invidualized Edu Service Inc                                  
   101770         Harry-Anna School (Public)                                    
   101771         Freedom High School (Public)                                  
   101772         Sarasota Military Academy (Public)                            
   101773         Covenant Life Private Sch.                                    
   101775         Umatilla High School (Public)                                 
   101776         Park Avenue Baptist School                                    
   101777         US International Christian Aca                                
   101778         Bloomingdale Senior High School (Public)                      
   101779         Sonhaven Preparatory Academy                                  
   101780         Venice High School (Public)                                   
   101783         International School of Sosua                                 
   101784         Milestone Community School (Public)                           
   101785         Vernon High School (Public)                                   
   101786         Vernon School (Deleted)                                       
   101787         Alternative School (Public)                                   
   101788         Seran Private Bilingual School                                
   101790         Indian River Charter High School (Public)                     
   101791         South Walton High (Public)                                    
   101792         Trinity Academy Arts Science                                  
   101793         St. Edwards School                                            
   101794         Tabernacle Baptist School                                     
   101795         Vero Beach Senior High School (Public)                        
   101796         Dr. Ruby J Gainer School (Public)                             
   101797         West Florida High School/Tech (Public)                        
   101798         Fleming Island HS (Public)                                    
   101800         West Dade Academy                                             
   101801         Freedom High School (Public)                                  
   101802         Florida School of Excellence                                  
   101805         Hardee Senior High School (Public)                            
   101806         Heritage Christian Academy                                    
   101807         Everlglades High School                                       
   101808         Wellington Christian School                                   
   101809         Maranatha Christian School                                    
   101810         Saddlebrook High School (Public)                              
   101811         Dillon Country Day Lab School (Deleted)                       
   101812         Wesley Chapel High School (Public)                            
   101813         Goliath Academy                                               
   101814         Sagemont School                                               
   101816         Indian Ridge School (Public)                                  
   101817         Mcarthur High School (Public)                                 
   101818         Forest Hill High School (Public)                              
   101820         Palm Beach Lakes Comm High School (Public)                    
   101821         the Kings Academy                                             
   101822         Dreyfoos School of the Arts (Public)                          
   101824         Berean Christian School                                       
   101826         Mangonia Lakes Alternative School (Public)                    
   101827         Matlock Academy                                               
   101828         Forest Hill Christian Academy (Deleted)                       
   101831         Roosevelt Full Service Center (Public)                        
   101832         Westgate Christian Academy                                    
   101833         Villages Charter High School                                  
   101834         Survivors (Public)                                            
   101835         Cardinal Newman High School                                   
   101836         Summit Christian High School                                  
   101839         Wellington High School (Public)                               
   101840         Heritage Boys Academy                                         
   101841         Trintas Christian School                                      
   101842         Cypress Bay High School (Public)                              
   101843         Somerset Academy High School                                  
   101844         Palm Beach Academy High School (Public)                       
   101845         Wewahitchka JR-SR High School (Public)                        
   101846         John A Ferguson Senior HS (Public)                            
   101847         New Gate School                                               
   101848         Carter Parramore Academy                                      
   101849         Milton Girls Residential Juven                                
   101850         Bishop Mclaughlin Catholic HS                                 
   101851         Center Academy                                                
   101852         Everglades Prep Academy Charter School                        
   101853         Edgewood Jr Sr High School (Public)                           
   101854         Alternative Educ. (Public)                                    
   101855         Miami Dade Christian Academy                                  
   101856         Richard Milburn Acad. (Public)                                
   101857         Florida Christian Academy                                     
   101858         Lifetime Learning Inc  (Deleted)                              
   101860         Wildwood High School (Public)                                 
   101861         Trinity Christian Academy (Deleted)                           
   101863         His Majesty Prep Christian (Deleted)                          
   101864         Faith Christian School                                        
   101865         Solid Rock Community School                                   
   101866         Seacrest Country Day School                                   
   101868         Williston Christian Academy                                   
   101869         Our Lady of Fatima Academy                                    
   101870         Williston High School (Public)                                
   101871         Windermere Preparatory School                                 
   101872         Palmetto Ridge High School (Public)                           
   101873         Golden Gate High School (Public)                              
   101874         Cypress Run Alternative School (Public)                       
   101875         Bay Regional Juvenile Det Cntr (Deleted)                      
   101876         HOPE                                                          
   101877         Panama City Marine Institute                                  
   101878         Foundation Academy                                            
   101879         Forestry Youth Academy                                        
   101880         East Bay High School (Public)                                 
   101881         Career Academy H S Westside Tec (Public)                      
   101882         Calvary Baptist Christian School                              
   101883         Central Florida Cmty School                                   
   101884         William Carey Academy                                         
   101885         West Orange High School (Public)                              
   101887         Haven Christian Academy                                       
   101888         Pentecostal Church of God                                     
   101890         Winter Haven Senior High School (Public)                      
   101892         All Saints Academy                                            
   101894         Oak Grove Christian Academy                                   
   101896         Liberty Wilderness (Public)                                   
   101897         Master Academy                                                
   101898         Trinity Prep School of Florida                                
   101899         Gospel Light Baptist Academy  (Deleted)                       
   101900         Robert Hungerford Prep (Public)                               
   101902         Winter Park High School (Public)                              
   101904         Nassau Christian Academy                                      
   101905         Winter Springs High School (Public)                           
   101906         Polk Community College School (Public)                        
   101907         Pace Center For Girls Marion County                           
   101908         Learning Academy of Santa Rosa                                
   101909         Kelly Hall Residental Cntr (Public) (Deleted)                 
   101911         The Vernon Place  (Deleted)                                   
   101912         Washington City School at Dozier                              
   101913         Wesley Chapel Christian School                                
   101914         Washington Ciy School Dozier                                  
   101915         Zephyrhills High School (Public)                              
   101916         Zephyrhills Christian Academy                                 
   101917         Washington County School Okeechobee                           
   101918         Maranatha Christian Academy                                   
   101919         Escambia Juvenile Detention Center                            
   101920         Gadsden Technical Institute (Public)                          
   101921         W S Steven Alternative HS (Public)                            
   101922         St. Petersburg Collegiate HS (Public)                         
   101923         Park Vista Community HS (Public)                              
   101924         Sagemount Academy                                             
   101925         Stephen Husmann Prep Academy   (Deleted)                      
   101926         Pace Center for Girls 1503                                    
   101927         Seminole Work and Learn 1506                                  
   101928         Crest School (Public)                                         
   101929         Bay County Sheriff Office    (Deleted)                        
   101930         Deane Bozeman Learning Center (Public) (Deleted)              
   101931         Sawmill Academy for Girls 1513 (Public)                       
   101932         Juvenile Detention Center 1502 (Public) (Deleted)             
   101933         Narrow Way Academy                                            
   101934         Foundation Charter School                                     
   101936         Sago Palm Academy (Public)                                    
   101937         Plesant Hill Academy                                          
   101938         Escambia River Outward Bound (Public)                         
   101939         Escambia Bay Marine Institute (Public)                        
   101940         Pace Center for Girls (Public)                                
   101941         Pensacola Boys Base (Public)                                  
   101942         American Youth Academy                                        
   101943         New Life Christian Academy                                    
   101944         Survivors Chareter School                                     
   101945         Redland Christian Academy                                     
   101946         International Christian School (Deleted)                      
   101947         Bayside High School (Public)                                  
   101948         Richard Milburn Academy                                       
   101949         Valencia Comm College Winter PK (Public)                      
   101950         Oak Park School (Public)                                      
   101951         Academic Research Charter School                              
   101952         North Tampa Alternative School (Public)                       
   101953         Brandon Alternative School (Public)                           
   101954         Bryan Alternative Center (Public)                             
   101955         East County Alternative School (Public)                       
   101956         Meacham Alternative Center (Public)                           
   101957         East Bay Christian School                                     
   101958         St. Johns Technical High Sch (Public)                         
   101959         Phoenix Academy (Public)                                      
   101961         Blackwater Stop Camp (Public)                                 
   101962         Santa Rosa Juvenile Detention Center                          
   101963         Gateway Charter High School (Public)                          
   101964         Community Education Partners                                  
   101965         Advanced Learning Center (Public)                             
   101966         Richard Milburn Academy                                       
   101967         Agape Christian Schools                                       
   101968         Lighthouse Christian Academy                                  
   101970         Palmetto Bay Academy                                          
   101971         SIATECH Charter High School (Public) Jacksonville             
   101972         The Shepherds School                                          
   101973         Victory Christian Academy                                     
   101975         SIATECH Charter High School Gainesville                       
   101976         Berean Academy                                                
   101977         Lighthouse Christian Academy                                  
   101978         MorningStar Learning Center                                   
   101979         Ocoee High School (Public)                                    
   101980         West Charlotte Christian Academy                              
   101981         Paul J Hagerty High School (Public)                           
   101982         G-Star School of the Arts                                     
   101983         Internation Studies Charter High School                       
   101984         S.L. Jones Christian Academy                                  
   101985         South County Career Center (Public)                           
   101986         Bowers/Whitlwy Career Ctr (Public)                            
   101988         Somerset Academy Charter HS                                   
   101989         World Hope Academy   (Deleted)                                
   101990         Quest Academy (Public)                                        
   101991         Masters Acad of NW Florida                                    
   101992         Academy of Arts and Minds                                     
   101993         Simmons Career Center (Public)                                
   101994         Seminole Ridge HS (Public)                                    
   101995         Southeastern Christian Acad                                   
   101996         Miami Dade Virtual School (Public)                            
   101997         Ridge Community High School (Public)                          
   101998         Killian Oaks Academy                                          
   101999         Sojourner Truth HS                                            
   102000         Christian Home Academy                                        
   102002         Marion Technical Inst (Public)                                
   102003         Well Spg Acad Cntrl Florida                                   
   102004         John Adams High School                                        
   102005         Musketeer Comm Learning Center                                
   102006         Juvenile Offender Training Cen                                
   102007         Matanzas High School (Public)                                 
   102008         Delaware Avenue School (Public)                               
   102009         St. Lucie Reg Detention Center                                
   102010         American High Sch Acad Inc                                    
   102011         Monticello Christian Academy                                  
   102012         Choice Learning Academy                                       
   102013         Robert Renick Educ Center (Public)                            
   102014         Storefront West School (Public)                               
   102015         Hale Academy                                                  
   102016         Woodlawn Comm Academy                                         
   102017         Ruth Owens Kruse Educ Center (Public)                         
   102018         Emerald Bay (Public)                                          
   102019         New Horizons Learning Center (Public)                         
   102020         Pace Center Girls Santa Rosa                                  
   102021         Golden City Acad Inc                                          
   102022         Doctors Charter School                                        
   102023         Bay Regional Juvenile Det Cntr (Public)                       
   102024         Zenith School (Public) (Deleted)                              
   102026         Shorecrest Preparatory School                                 
   102027         SOS Charter HS and Career Acad                                
   102028         Life Skills Center of Broward                                 
   102029         East Lee County High Sch (Public)                             
   102030         New Leaf School for Change                                    
   102031         Agape Christian Academy                                       
   102032         Broach School Tampa                                           
   102033         Courtenay Christian School                                    
   102034         Mandarin Christian School                                     
   102035         Renaissance Academy                                           
   102037         Creekside Christian School                                    
   102038         Community Christian School                                    
   102039         Brevard Virtual School (Public)                               
   102040         Land O Lakes Christian School                                 
   102041         Morning Star Academy                                          
   102042         Community Christian School     (Deleted)                      
   102043         Ambassador Christian Academy                                  
   102044         Sha'Arei Bina Torah Academy FO                                
   102045         Keystone National HS                                          
   102047         Northside Christian Academy                                   
   102048         University of Miami Online HS                                 
   102049         Virtual High School of Excellence                             
   102050         Cornerstone Christian School                                  
   102051         Vantage Point Academy                                         
   102052         Life Skills Center Miami Dade                                 
   102060         Yulee High School                                             
   102066         South Florida Christian Academy                               
   102067         Wiregrass Ranch High School  (Public)                         
   102068         Ronald W Reagan/Doral Senior HS (Public)                      
   102069         Doral Performing Arts Academy                                 
   102070         Viera High School (Public)                                    
   102071         Score at the Top Learning Center                              
   102072         Cornerstone Christian School                                  
   102073         Universal Christian Academy                                   
   102074         Legacy High School                                            
   102075         Winter Haven Chain Lakes HS  (Public)                         
   102076         Pathways Academy   (Public)                                   
   102077         South Orlando Christian Academy                               
   102078         Madison County Excel Alternative School (Public)              
   102079         Faith Christian Sch of Seminol                                
   102080         South Florida Preparatory Academy                             
   102081         The Pine School                                               
   102082         Drop Back In Center  (Public)                                 
   102083         The Blake School                                              
   102084         Paideia School of Tampa Bay                                   
   102085         Victory Christian Academy                                     
   102086         Center Academy Orange Park                                    
   102087         Espirit de Corps Center For Learning                          
   102088         Albert Einstein School San Pedro (Deleted)                    
   102089         Royal Palm Exceptional School (Public)                        
   102090         Teacher's Hands Academy                                       
   102091         Workforce Advantage Acad Chart                                
   102093         Cypress Christian Academy                                     
   102095         Westland Hialeah Senior HS (Public)                           
   102096         Manatee Adolescent Trmt Servc                                 
   102097         Life Skills Center Opa Locka                                  
   102098         Young Womens Prep Academy (Public) (Deleted)                  
   102099         New Beginnings Educational Center (Public)                    
   102100         Rivera Beach Maritime Academy (Public)                        
   102101         First Baptist Academy                                         
   102102         Love Outreach Christian Acad                                  
   102103         Inverness Christian Academy                                   
   102104         Liberty High School (Public)                                  
   102105         Center Academy                                                
   102106         North Admerican Christian Academy                             
   102107         Life Skills Center (Public)                                   
   102108         Atlantic Christian Academy                                    
   102109         Excel Alternative Orange                                      
   102113         Atlantis Academy                                              
   102116         Logos Christian Academy Inc                                   
   102117         Washburn Academy                                              
   102118         Baldwin Prep School (Public)                                  
   102119         Veritas Preparatory Academy                                   
   102120         Judy Andrews School (Public)                                  
   102121         Keystone Preparatory School                                   
   102122         D W Waters Career Center                                      
   102123         Brocks Debartolo Collegiate HS                                
   102124         Sunlake High School (Public)                                  
   102125         Choice Preparatory School                                     
   102126         Mater Academy Lakes HS                                        
   102127         Wekiva High School (Public)                                   
   102128         Cinnamon St Baptist Church Academy                            
   102129         Center Academy                                                
   102130         Harvest Community School                                      
   102133         Mater Academy East High                                       
   102134         Life Skills Cntr/Leon Cnty Inc                                
   102135         Cutler Ridge Christian Academy                                
   102136         Duval County Drop Backin Academy (Public)                     
   102137         Atlantic Southeastern Academy                                 
   102138         Somerset Arts Conservatory                                    
   102139         Lorenzo Walker Technical Hs (Public)                          
   102140         Worshipers House Prayer Acad                                  
   102141         Choice Learning Academy North                                 
   102142         Old Plank Rd Christian Academy                                
   102143         Institute Academy Mastery Inc                                 
   102144         Eagle Nest Christian Academy                                  
   102145         Geneva Classical Academy Inc                                  
   102147         School for Advanced Studies(Public)                           
   102149         Friendship Christian Academy Inc                              
   102150         Schiller International - Naples                           <   
   102160         Life Skills Center / Orlando                              <   
   102309         Young Womens Academy for(Public)                              
   102349         Jupiter Lighthouse Academy                                    
   102559         Life Christian School                                         
   102560         Academy of Academic & Tech (Public)                           
   102561         Vision Educational Learning Center                            
   102562         Grace Alone Academy                                           
   102568         Life Skills Cntr Liberty City                                 
   102569         IBN Seena Academy                                             
   102589         Santina Bay Academy                                           
   102600         Silver River Marine Institute(Public)                         
   102619         Carrolwood Day School                                         
   102809         Conklin International Academy                                 
   102829         Unity High School                                             
   102146         Westport Private School                                       
   104087         Education Resource Center                                 <   
   104260         Masters Academy of Vero Beach                                 
   109225         Alternative Schools (Public)                                  
   109800         Space Coast Marine Institute                                  
   109801         Southwest Florida Juvenile Detention Center                   
   109802         Pal Academy Charter Middle School (Public)                    
   109803         N. Florida Juvenile Detention Center                          
   109805         St. Johns County Detention Center                             
   109807         Volusia Juvenile Residential Facility                         
   109808         Alternative Education Stop Camp (Public)                      
   109809         Silver River Marine Institute                                 
   109811         Nassau Juvenile Residential Facility                          
   109812         Youth Environmental Services (Public)                         
   109813         TRIAD  (Public)                                               
   109814         South County Center (Public)                                  
   109815         Community Education Partners-SE (Public)                      
   834252         Marion Baker School                                           
   842226         Saint Michael's School  (Deleted)                             
   854275         Christian Academy of Guatemala                                
   874292         Learning Unlimited Prep School                                
   905020         Cochabamba Cooperative School (Deleted)                       
   930100         Inter-American Academy   (Deleted)                            
   942000         Unisale Trading Att. Amer. Coop                               

DATABASE INFORMATION:                                                           
   PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: X(6)                                                   
   COLUMN NAME:          HIGH_SCHOOL_CODE                                       
   SHORT NAME:           HSCODE                                                 

CREATE-CHANGE DATE:  01/22/08                                                   

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