Description of Data Element 01617

NAME:         Occupational Activity Category                                    

NUMBER:       01617                                                             

FILES/TABLES: CLAS  EMPL  IRD   SCD                                             

   IPEDS Reporting                                                              
   OCR Reporting                                                                

   The classification of occupational activity as defined by                    
   Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.                                     

   DIAGNOSTIC MESSAGE                                     ERROR LEVEL           
   EQ 1 OR 2 AND CLASSIFIED AS SUPPORT STAFF              CRITICAL              
        IRD  <                                                                  
   EQ 2,4,6 OR 7 & CLASSIFIED AS EXECUTIVE                CRITICAL              
        IRD  <                                                                  
   MISSING OR INVALID                                     CRITICAL              
        EMPL    IRD     SCD                                                     
   NE 1 & CLASSIFIED AS ADMIN & MANAGERIAL                CRITICAL              
        IRD  <                                                                  
   MISSING VALUES GENERATED                               PROGRAM GENERATED     
        IRD  <                                                                  
        EMPL    SCD                                                             
   PROGRAM GENERATED                                      PROGRAM GENERATED     
        EMPL    IRD     SCD                                                     

CODING INSTRUCTIONS:                                                            
   A person engaged in two or more separate activities will                     
   be reported as full time in the principal activity. The                      
   judgement as to what constitutes principal activity should                   
   be made by the institution or reporting unit.                                
   On the IRD file, OPS table values are program generated.                     
   On the SCD file, unfilled (01181 ne E) should be coded blanks.               

TABLE VALUES:                                                                   
   1              Executive, Administrative and Managerial                      
                  Include all persons whose assignments require primary         
                  (and major) responsibility for management of the              
                  institution, or a customarily recognized department or        
                  subdivision thereof.                                          
                  Assignments require the performance of work directly          
                  related to management policies or general business            
                  operations of the institution, department, or                 
                  subdivision, etc.  It is assumed that assignments             
                  in this category customarily and regularly require the        
                  incumbent to exercise discretion and independent              
                  judgement, and to direct the work of others.                  
                  Report in this category all officers holding such             
                  titles as President, Vice President, Dean, Director,          
                  or the equivalent, as well as officers subordinate to         
                  any of these administrators with such titles as               
                  Associate Dean, executive officer of academic                 
                  department heads, or the equivalent if their principal        
                  activity is administrative.                                   
                  Note: supervisors of professional employees are               
                  included here, while supervisors of nonprofessional           
                  employees (technical, clerical, craft, and service/           
                  maintenance) are to be reported within the specific           
                  categories of the personnel they supervise.                   
   2              Faculty (Instruction/Research/Public Service)                 
                  Include all persons whose specific assignments                
                  customarily are made for the purpose of conducting            
                  instruction, research, or pubic service as a principal        
                  activity (or activities), and who hold academic-rank          
                  titles of Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant           
                  Professor, Instructor, Lecturer or the equivalent             
                  of any of these academic ranks. Report in this category       
                  Report in this category Deans, Directors, or the              
                  equivalents, as well as Associate Deans, Assistant            
                  Deans, and executive officers of academic departments         
                  (chairpersons, heads, or the equivalent) if their             
                  principal activity is instructional. Do not include           
                  student teaching or research assistants or medical            
                  interns or residents.                                         
   3              Other Professionals (Support/Service):                        
                  Include in this category persons employed for the             
                  primary purpose of performing academic support, student       
                  service and institutional support activities and whose        
                  assignments would require either college graduation           
                  or experience of such kind and amount as to provide           
                  a comparable background.  Include employees such              
                  as Librarians, Accountants, Personnel, Counselors,            
                  Systems Analysts, Coaches, Lawyers, and Pharmacists,          
                  for example.                                                  
   4              Clerical and Secretarial:                                     
                  Include all persons whose assignments typically               
                  are associated with clerical activities                       
                  or are specifically of a secretarial nature.                  
                  Include personnel who are responsible for internal and        
                  external communications, recording and retrieval of           
                  data ( other than computer programmers) and/or                
                  information and other paper work required in an office,       
                  such as Bookkeepers, Stenographers, Clerk Typists,            
                  Office-machine Operators, Statistical Clerks, Payroll         
                  Clerks, etc. Include also Sales Clerks such as those          
                  employed full time in the bookstore, and Library Clerks       
                  who are not recognized as Librarians.                         
   5              Technical and Paraprofessional                                
                  Include all persons whose assignments require                 
                  specialized knowledge or skills which may be acquired         
                  through experience or academic work such as is                
                  offered in many 2-year technical institutes, junior           
                  colleges or through equivalent on-the-job training.           
                  Include Computer Programmers and Operators, Drafters,         
                  Engineering Aides, Junior Engineers, Mathematical             
                  Aides, Licensed Practical or Vocational Nurses,               
                  Dietitians, Photographers, Radio Operators, Scientific        
                  Assistants, Technical Illustrators, Technicians               
                  (medical, dental, electronic, physical sciences),             
                  and similar occupational-activity categories which            
                  are institutionally defined as technical assignments.         
                  Include persons who perform some of the duties of a           
                  professional or technician in a supportive role, which        
                  usually require less formal training and/or experience        
                  normally required for professional technical status.          
                  such positions may fall within an identified pattern of       
                  staff development and promotion under a "New Careers"         
   6              Skilled Craft                                                 
                  Include all persons whose assignments typically require       
                  special manual skills and a thorough and comprehensive        
                  knowledge of the processes involved in the work,              
                  acquired through on-the-job training and experience           
                  or through apprenticeship or other formal training            
                  Include Mechanics and Repairers, Electricians,                
                  Stationary Engineers, Skilled Machinists, Carpenters,         
                  Compositors, Compositors and Typesetters, Upholsterers.       
   7              Service/Maintenance                                           
                  Include persons whose assignments require limited             
                  degrees of previously acquired skills and knowledge,          
                  and workers who perform duties which result in or             
                  contribute to the comfort, convenience and hygiene            
                  of personnel and the student body or which contribute         
                  to the upkeep and care of buildings, facilities or            
                  the institutional property.                                   
                  Include Chauffeurs, Laundry and Dry Cleaning                  
                  Operatives, Cafeteria and Restaurant Workers, Truck           
                  Drivers, Bus Drivers, Garage Laborers, Custodial              
                  Personnel, Gardeners, and Grounds Keepers, Refuse             
                  Collectors, Construction Laborers, Security Personnel.        
    A             OPS - Graduate Assistances                                    
                  At-will temporary employment                                  
    B             OPS - Faculty                                                 
                  At-will temporary employment                                  
                  Adjunct appointments may not be for more than 50% of          
                  the time throughout an academic year or full-time for         
                  more than twenty-six weeks of a fiscal year, unless           
                  appointments are for temporary or part time employment        
                  and the term of employment is the period specified            
                  in the offer of employment.                                   
                  Any classification Codes Faculty or                           
                  Housestaff (classes 9179, 9187 or 9188).                      
   C              OPS - Extra State Compensation                                
                  At-will temporary employment                                  
                  any faculty classification code                               
                  OPS - Phased Retirement                                       
                  At-will temporary employment                                  
                  an appointment under the provisions of the phased             
                  retirement program.                                           
                  Classification Codes Faculty                                  
                  OPS - Fellowships                                             
                  Non-employment - Classification Codes 9180, 9192.             
                  OPS - Student Assistants                                      
                  At-will temporary employment                                  
                  Classification Codes 9190.                                    
   D              OPS - Other                                                   
                  At-will temporary employment                                  
                  Classifications Codes 0012-0017, 9189.                        

   Public Law 88-352                                                            
   Civil Rights Act of 1964                                                     
   Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972                                     

SOURCE RESPONSIBILITY:                                                          

DATABASE INFORMATION:                                                           
   PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: X(1)                                                   
   COLUMN NAME:          OCC_ACT_CAT_EEO6                                       
   SHORT NAME:           OCCACT                                                 

CREATE-CHANGE DATE:  12/08/06                                                   

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