Description of Data Element 01732

NAME:         Retirement Code                                                   

NUMBER:       01732                                                             

FILES/TABLES: DOM                                                               

   Personnel Studies                                                            
   Operating Budget                                                             

   A code to indicate the system in which a person is enrolled                  
   and from which the person expects to collect benefits upon                   

CODING INSTRUCTIONS:                                                            
   Use payroll manual codes as indicated.                                       
   These percentages are published by the Division of Retirement and            
   the Federal Government.                                                      

TABLE VALUES:                                                                   
                  From the Division of Retirement July 1 2006 rates:            
                  Retirement Plans                     percent  FICA*           
                  ___________________________________  _______  ____            
   AD             Scores Div. B (prior 1-1-58)           9.10     Y             
   AE             Scores Div. B (1-1-58/7-1-63)          9.10     Y             
   AF             Scores Div. B (after 7-1-63)           9.10     Y             
   DP             DROP from FRS                         10.91     Y             
   DR             DROP from Plan A, Scores              10.91     N             
   DS             DROP from Plan B, Scores              10.91     Y             
   DT             DROP from TRS, all plans              10.91     N             
   HA             Florida Retirement Reg Mem            09.85     Y             
   HB             FRS Special Risk                      20.92     Y             
   HC             FRS Judges                            19.56     Y             
   HD             FRS (Vow of Poverty)                  10.15     N             
   HE             FRS Legislators                       14.48     Y             
   HF             F1/J1 Visa/Vow Poverty Spec. Risk     21.16     N             
   HG             FRS Governor,LT. Gov. & Cabinet       12.49     Y             
   HH             FRS State Attorney-Public Def.        12.49     Y             
   HI             FRS County, City, S.District Elect.   16.53     Y             
   HJ             Special Risk-Admin. Support Class     12.55     Y             
   HK             FRS IFAS Supplemental                 20.23     Y             
   HM             SMS Class                             10.45     Y             
   HP             ESCOC Join SMSC/SMSOAP - FRS          10.45     Y             
   HQ             ESCOC Join SMSC/SMSOAP - FRS other    10.45     Y             
   IA             Teachers Retirement System Plan A     06.25***  N             
   IC             Teachers Retirement System Plan C     00.00     N             
   ID             Teachers Retirement System Plan D     00.00     N             
   IE             Teachers Retirement System Plan E     11.35     N             
   IF             TRS Plan E (Plus Social Security)     11.35     Y             
   MA             OASDI and Medicare Only               00.00     Y             
   NA             No Ret./No OASDI/No Medicare          00.00     N             
   NF             US CS Retirement                      07.00     M             
   NJ             City Jax Ret                          01.64     N             
   NK             US Civ Service Retirement             08.51     M             
   OC             State Community College Sys Opt Ret   10.43     Y             
   OD             Re-Employed Retirees-CCORP            10.43     Y         <   
   OM             Optional Annuity Program for SMS      12.49     Y             
   ON             SUS Optional Retirement               16.45     N             
   OP             SUS Optional Retirement               10.43     Y             
   OQ             Re-Employed Retirees-SMSOAP other     00.00     Y             
   OR             Re-Employed Retirees-SMSOAP           12.49     Y             
   OS             Re-employed Retirees-SMSORP           10.43     Y         <   
   PA             PEORP Reg Mem                         09.85     Y             
   PB             PEORP Special Risk                    20.92     Y             
   PC             PEORP Judges                          19.56     Y             
   PD             PEORP Reg. Mem W/F1 or J1 Visa        05.76     N             
   PE             PEORP Legislators                     14.48     Y             
   PF             PEORP Special Mem W/F1 or J1 Visa     16.01     N             
   PG             PEORP Gov./Lt Gov. and Cabinet        12.49     Y             
   PH             PEORP State Atty/ Public Def          12.49     Y             
   PI             PEORP County, City, S.Dist.Elect Offc 16.53     Y             
   PJ             PEORP Special Risk Admin Support      12.55     Y             
   PM             PEORP Senior Mgmt Service             10.45     Y             
   QA             Re-Employed PEORP - Regular Member    07.83     Y             
   QC             Re-Employed PEORP - Judges            18.65     Y             
   QE             Re-Employed Legislators               12.49     Y             
   QG             Re-Employed Gov./Lt Gov. and Cabinet  12.49     Y             
   QH             Re-Employed State Atty/Public Def     12.49     Y             
   QI             Re-Employed Cnty,Cty,S.Dist.Elect Ofc 15.23     Y             
   QM             Re-Employed Senior Mgmt Service       13.12     Y             
   QP             Re-Employed SMS EOC                   10.45     Y             
   QQ             Re-Employed Cnty,Cty,S.Dist.Elect Ofc 10.45     Y             
   RA             Re-Employed Retirees-FRS-Regular      07.83     Y             
   RC             Re-Employed Retirees-FRS-Judges       18.65     Y             
   RE             Re-Employed Retirees-FRS-Legis.       12.49     Y             
   RG             Re-Employed Retirees-FRS-Governor     12.49     Y             
   RH             Re-Emp R.-FRS-Public Def/State Atty   12.49     Y             
   RI             Re-Emp R.-FRS-S.District Elect. Offc. 15.23     Y             
   RM             Re-Emp R.-FRS-Senior Management       13.12     Y             
   RP             Re-Emp R.-FRS-SMSC - ESCOC            10.45     Y             
   RQ             Re-Emp R.-FRS-SMSC-District Elect.    10.45     Y             
   ZM             OPS no Ret, Medicare Only             00.00     M             
   ZX             OPS no Ret, no OASDI, No Medicare     00.00     N             
   ZZ             OPS no Ret, OASDI and Medicare        00.00     Y             
                  * n = no FICA   y = yes FICA   m = medicare                   
                  ** the state also pays 7% to federal retirement               
                  *** variable individual amounts                               

SOURCE RESPONSIBILITY:                                                          

DATABASE INFORMATION:                                                           
   PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: X(2)                                                   
   COLUMN NAME:          RETIREMENT_CD                                          
   SHORT NAME:           RETCD                                                  

CREATE-CHANGE DATE:  11/02/07                                                   

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