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New Program Proposals & Resources

This page is intended to provide up to date and easy to access resources that can be used for the development of a new degree proposal. Starting with the revised 2014 new degree proposal template all the links to referenced resources are included on this page to ensure greater accuracy and usability. New degree proposals must be completed using the new program proposal template available from the university Provost’s office.

Please let us know if any of the links included in this page are not working by emailing [email protected].

2025 System Strategic Plan (Amended Oct. 2019)
The Common Prerequisites Manual
BOG Regulations

  • 8.011: New Academic Program Authorization
  • 8.014: Bachelors’ Degree Exceptions to 120 Credit Hours Requirement
  • 8.013: Limited Access

The Statewide Articulation Manual
State University System Academic Program Inventory
Programs of Strategic Emphasis (PSE) Methodology
Statewide Course Numbering System

Workforce demand section: