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How do we build a knowledge-based economy?

1) Focus each university on fulfilling its distinctive mission (research, degree production, solving Florida’s problems, or some combination).

2) Create a strategic research agenda built on the strengths of each university.

3) Focus half of the new funding on targeted degrees, such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math programs.

4) Focus half of the new funding on developing a pool of graduates with degrees needed for regional and statewide development (business, nursing, computing, construction, architecture, education, etc.) and create a pool of degreed citizens with creative and analytical thinking skills.

5) Funding can be used for workload increases, capital construction (to build labs, classes and office space).

6) Florida would become a magnet for top level students, researchers, and industry needing an educated populace.


Double the investment of recurring state dollars in Florida’s 11 Public Universities in order to transform the economy.

1) Maintain a strong accountability system to ensure focused investment and demonstrate return on that investment to taxpayers and their elected representatives.

2) Make a $1.75 billion investment of recurring state funds in public universities over five years.

3) Coupled with tuition differential increases, this would approximately double the current general revenue/lottery budget.

4) Focus at least half of new revenue in specific STEM degree programs.

5) Allow new funding to be used for operations and for capital construction.

6) Fund State Matching Grant Programs.

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