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1) How will the State University System be accountable for this investment?
The Board of Governors will work with each university to set its share of responsibility for the system-wide outcomes.
The Board of Governors, through the annual report and university work plans, will be accountable to the Legislature, Governor, and the people of Florida for these outcomes.
Continue making improvements in quality, effectiveness, and efficiency at the public universities.

2) Why not put all the funding toward research activities?
We need to increase the percentage of Florida’s population with baccalaureate, master’s and graduate degrees to advance as a society, both economically and culturally.
We must continue to build on the non-science components of our society to maintain and improve the overall quality of life for Floridians.

3) Why not exclusively fund STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics?
Florida also needs teachers, nurses, accountants and MBA’s.
Liberal arts graduates are essential in an advanced society.
The New Florida economy will generate as many, if not more, jobs employing graduates in business, law, social sciences, and other non-STEM fields.

4) How will funding be distributed to the 11 institutions?
The Board of Governors will work closely with university leadership to develop a distribution method based on the unique mission and capacity of each of the 11 SUS institutions.

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